Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Moving Experience

We have relocated, yes, again.  But this will be our last move...  Oh, have I already promised that?  oh...  well...

Anyway--this move was full of adventure.  First, I was lucky enough to get to move at the beginning of The Mister's two-week work-related absence.  Moving without The Mister around?  NOT on the Recommended List.

Next, the movers wrecked up nearly all of our furniture...  Trust me, I am not exaggerating.  In fact, it was so bad that they have taken all my furniture to have it professionally repaired.  So--while we have moved, we have arrived without more than a stick of furniture.  That's good for some interesting situations.  Picnic, anyone?

And then there were the problems with the counter tops...  One and a half inch out of level...  Catch that egg before it splatters on the floor!!!

But then there is the good stuff...  Baking without the challenges of higher elevation.  No extreme snow drifts.  AWESOME neighbors (no offense, Jen!  We still miss you guys!).  And a park across the street.  And the best news?  I've become a Master of the Spray Paint Can.  Yep, if it will sit still, I can spray it!  And oh, what a difference a little paint can make!

So--if you're up for sitting on the floor.  And you don't mind mountains of cardboard boxes (hard to put stuff away if you don't have any dressers...).  Then come on over!  We'd love to have a visit!  And we're just excited to be here! 

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