Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's a mystery...

Really, I promise not to turn this blog into the potty chronicles.  But we found a mystery puddle.  Nobody remembers doing it.  HRH did not witness it.  It was on a bedroom floor...  Seriously gotta put a stop to the random midnight urination...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Dilemma

We have a cat.  It isn't this cat.  It's not one of these cats.  It's a totally different cat (although it was mothered by one of the aforementioned cats).  Anyway, while she isn't our original pet, she has, in fact, made herself useful.  We are blissfully mouse-free, thanks to this cat.

The newest dilemma...  While our nameless cat (currently nicknamed Floosie) is an acknowledged member of the family, she has never had the opportunity to be invited into our home.  She lives in the garage.  The yard is her domain.  The surrounding hillside creatures cower whenever she is near...  But here's the thing.  She loves to wander.  She comes back home, but then she wanders again. 

OK--so this is a bit of a spoiler to this previous post.  If you are waiting for a big announcement--stop here...  If, however, you know me well enough to know that this is as good as it's gonna get, keep reading.

So, we're moving.  Not too far, but to a different zip code, a new location, a neighborhood where there are more children roaming than vermin.  We're looking forward to having other children around.  The cat, however, will be wholly out of her element.  I have to wonder...  Will she stick around the new house?  Will she wander away?  Will she head back to rule in her established realm?  Floosie likes to chase creatures.  She noms on tasty mice, voles, and feathered friends.  I'm not sure she'll enjoy the manicured landscape.  The lack of adventure, the absence of danger waiting around every boulder and bush.  Truthfully, traffic will be a whole new adventure for her.  I don't think she's ever feared for her life due to advancing autos.  We just don't get much traffic up here.

So the questions:  Exactly how do you manage the relocation of an outdoor cat?  And should it even be attempted?  And if not, what are the options?

Just wondering...

Monday, September 20, 2010

In a quandry...

I hinted that I was in a quandary... Truth is, I WAS in a quandary... Now it's passed, and I survived my indecision.  But now I am stuck questioning the decisions made by everyone else!

What the heck am I blabbering about? Let me tell you...

I received a wedding invitation a month or so ago. I was expecting it, but was impressed when it arrived because it was rather grand. At the bottom of the beautiful piece of engraved stationary was the note,

Cocktail Attire Requested
Now, I know that I'm not on the Queen's short list when it comes to invitiations to tea, a gala, or an evening at the symphony... But I do know how to dress up a bit. And I have been to more than one Cocktail Event.  But for some completely baffling reason, seeing those words at the bottom of an invitation throws me into a tailspin.

Truth be told, I put off choosing something to wear until the last minute.  I was going to wear a gorgeous, tuxedo skirt and a beaded top.  Very elegant, but not too flashy...  Then I talked myself into a whole lot of drama!  First, I made the unfortunate decision to just check to see what the true definition of Cocktail Attire really is...  OK, I was on the mark there...  But then, things got a little dicey.  Apparently, Cocktail Attire has sub-categories--like, for weddings...  If the wedding is in the evening, then beading and sparkles are acceptable.  If it's a daytime wedding, no sparkles, not ever...  No black.  No white.  Not too sexy.  blah blah blah...

Let me just inform you that I was one of maybe 5 out of 200 people NOT wearing black.  For a daytime wedding.  And most of the black dresses were sparkly.  I was not.  I might have followed The Rules, but I kinda wish that I had just worn the tuxedo skirt.  I didn't want to stand out for being inappropriate, instead I stood out for being the only one on point.  At least I was on point in my own (rarely humble--according to The Mister) opinion.

And that's how it ended.  I am the one in all the wedding photos wearing a color.  I can't be missed...  Really, you can't miss seeing me...  Yep, there I am.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Somethings Cooking

I was a pretty dedicated blogger until life got in the way. What is it about the goings on of a family... Without a little excitement there are meager pickings for blog topics. But when there's too much excitement, there just isn't time enough to take a break and get it all down. It's like the days when you have no ingredients on hand to make a quick dinner versus the evenings when you find yourself looking at a fully stocked pantry with no time to throw anything together.

I now find myself in the exasperating situation of having too many pots on the stove with nothing ready to serve. I'd love to update the world on our new adventures and big changes, but they're all still works in progress. But I know that as soon as our plans solidify, I'll be slammed with to many obligations to blog anything.

Lately, I find myself ruminating on our future. In particular, I'm daydreaming about a kitchen with cookies baking in the oven... Kids playing at the park... Taking walks around the neighborhood... It's something of a domestic daydream involving lots of family time a liberal dose of homemade cuisine. It's a pleasant dream--I hope it comes to fruition soon!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's been a good day.

Lots of big things are happening here. Some things are coming to a resolution. New adventures are about to begin. It's gonna be a big year for us. And, at least at this junction, I'm happy to say that things are moving in a positive direction.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Announcing a Pending Announcement....

I have nothing to announce, but I'm hoping to very soon! We've been working on a new project here at the Bean Household. Tomorrow we should have all the loose ends tied up. I know I haven't been posting much lately, the truth is, some of these preparations have been taking up all my time... And I just wasn't quite ready to share. But big changes are coming! And, NO, I absolutely am NOT pregnant! No more Crazy Beans for us! Wait and see what's next...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Scraping the Bottom...

Well, after a much anticipated night free from nocturnal wanderings, it's time to blog on a new topic. Problem is, life's gotten a little dull around here (**snicker/snort** actually, I'm just not sharing yet). So with nothing of interest to blog about, I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel to find a topic. You're free to either check out now, or just plow on through the muck.

School has started for the Crazy Beans. The Buddies are loving Second Grade. Per our previous decision, all three boys are in separate classes. This arrangement, while beneficial for The Buddies, has proven challenging for Moi. I'm afraid I threw a bit of a tantrum the other day over a particular assignment. The assignment involved making paper dolls resembling each boy. Sounds fun enough, right? WRONG! I've had to do this same assignment three times each year for three years in a row now! Did I say "I" had to do it? YES! Me. Moi. I. And I have enjoyed it only that first time. Technically, I guess it was only two years in a row, because HRH stepped in to stop the meltdown this year. Really, after six paper dolls I just couldn't do it again.

As for school for HRH... This year has been experiment in unconventional, or at least nontraditional education. There is a learning curve, for sure. But it's getting easier every week. Last week I threatened to change my name from "Mom" to something less effortless to holler through the house. It was a constant barrage of,

Mom, can you take a look at this? Mom! Mom? Moooooommmmmm...
I had to be very firm and remind her that I am NOT her teacher. She still doesn't like emailing and Skyping her teachers, but she's less resistant to it this week... It's getting better... Really... It is! :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

It's Becoming a Theme

OK--So I know that my blog isn't dedicated to the Sleepwalkers of America, but for some reason that seems to be an ongoing theme. A couple of nights ago HRH caught Max sleepwalking. He made a stop in the pantry to do... guess what... his business! Yes, he traveled past three bathrooms before reaching the kitchen pantry. And that is where he chose to relieve himself!

So here's the concern... Why have my triplets suddenly become uncontrollable sleepwalkers? Why, while sleepwalking, do they need to relieve themselves in locations other than the bathroom? And why is HRH always a witness to this monkey business? I think she shares some culpability--I just haven't figured out how... :)

So, really, I'm looking for suggestions. We're continuing with the pre-bedtime potty pit-stop. We're limiting fluid intake. But they still need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Are they just growing? What's the deal? And what's with the sleepwalking? How do we make sure they're fully alert and aware of location before they begin their business? More suggestions, please!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Puddles - Part Deux

I'm not sure what's going on around here, but it seems to be contagious. Last night HRH wandered into our room at about 10:30. She said that Max was crying, and that he'd peed in his dresser drawers... What?! Yep, he was sleep walking and thought he'd made it into the bathroom. First drawer open took the hit.

First off, what is with the sudden upswing of sleepwalking. And why must the sleep walkers also be sleep pee-ers? And what is HRH's role in all this? She seems to be a common element...

At least Zeke peed on the concrete floor. That was easy to mop up. But a dresser drawer? That involves not only wood furniture, but also an armload of clean clothes!

I have The Buddies use the bathroom right before bed. We limit their drinking water close to bedtime... What else can we do? I'm at a loss...

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