Monday, September 6, 2010

Puddles - Part Deux

I'm not sure what's going on around here, but it seems to be contagious. Last night HRH wandered into our room at about 10:30. She said that Max was crying, and that he'd peed in his dresser drawers... What?! Yep, he was sleep walking and thought he'd made it into the bathroom. First drawer open took the hit.

First off, what is with the sudden upswing of sleepwalking. And why must the sleep walkers also be sleep pee-ers? And what is HRH's role in all this? She seems to be a common element...

At least Zeke peed on the concrete floor. That was easy to mop up. But a dresser drawer? That involves not only wood furniture, but also an armload of clean clothes!

I have The Buddies use the bathroom right before bed. We limit their drinking water close to bedtime... What else can we do? I'm at a loss...


Olivia said...

That's kinda hilarious! And mysterious. But mostly hilarious.

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