Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Dilemma

We have a cat.  It isn't this cat.  It's not one of these cats.  It's a totally different cat (although it was mothered by one of the aforementioned cats).  Anyway, while she isn't our original pet, she has, in fact, made herself useful.  We are blissfully mouse-free, thanks to this cat.

The newest dilemma...  While our nameless cat (currently nicknamed Floosie) is an acknowledged member of the family, she has never had the opportunity to be invited into our home.  She lives in the garage.  The yard is her domain.  The surrounding hillside creatures cower whenever she is near...  But here's the thing.  She loves to wander.  She comes back home, but then she wanders again. 

OK--so this is a bit of a spoiler to this previous post.  If you are waiting for a big announcement--stop here...  If, however, you know me well enough to know that this is as good as it's gonna get, keep reading.

So, we're moving.  Not too far, but to a different zip code, a new location, a neighborhood where there are more children roaming than vermin.  We're looking forward to having other children around.  The cat, however, will be wholly out of her element.  I have to wonder...  Will she stick around the new house?  Will she wander away?  Will she head back to rule in her established realm?  Floosie likes to chase creatures.  She noms on tasty mice, voles, and feathered friends.  I'm not sure she'll enjoy the manicured landscape.  The lack of adventure, the absence of danger waiting around every boulder and bush.  Truthfully, traffic will be a whole new adventure for her.  I don't think she's ever feared for her life due to advancing autos.  We just don't get much traffic up here.

So the questions:  Exactly how do you manage the relocation of an outdoor cat?  And should it even be attempted?  And if not, what are the options?

Just wondering...


The BeeMaster said...

We had friends here in Michigan recently move to Colorado. They left their two cats with us. One fit right in, the other took off within a week and has never been seen again. Two cats, same situation, different results. Cats are like that. Don't sweat it, especially as she is so self-sufficient.

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