Saturday, September 18, 2010

Somethings Cooking

I was a pretty dedicated blogger until life got in the way. What is it about the goings on of a family... Without a little excitement there are meager pickings for blog topics. But when there's too much excitement, there just isn't time enough to take a break and get it all down. It's like the days when you have no ingredients on hand to make a quick dinner versus the evenings when you find yourself looking at a fully stocked pantry with no time to throw anything together.

I now find myself in the exasperating situation of having too many pots on the stove with nothing ready to serve. I'd love to update the world on our new adventures and big changes, but they're all still works in progress. But I know that as soon as our plans solidify, I'll be slammed with to many obligations to blog anything.

Lately, I find myself ruminating on our future. In particular, I'm daydreaming about a kitchen with cookies baking in the oven... Kids playing at the park... Taking walks around the neighborhood... It's something of a domestic daydream involving lots of family time a liberal dose of homemade cuisine. It's a pleasant dream--I hope it comes to fruition soon!


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