Monday, September 20, 2010

In a quandry...

I hinted that I was in a quandary... Truth is, I WAS in a quandary... Now it's passed, and I survived my indecision.  But now I am stuck questioning the decisions made by everyone else!

What the heck am I blabbering about? Let me tell you...

I received a wedding invitation a month or so ago. I was expecting it, but was impressed when it arrived because it was rather grand. At the bottom of the beautiful piece of engraved stationary was the note,

Cocktail Attire Requested
Now, I know that I'm not on the Queen's short list when it comes to invitiations to tea, a gala, or an evening at the symphony... But I do know how to dress up a bit. And I have been to more than one Cocktail Event.  But for some completely baffling reason, seeing those words at the bottom of an invitation throws me into a tailspin.

Truth be told, I put off choosing something to wear until the last minute.  I was going to wear a gorgeous, tuxedo skirt and a beaded top.  Very elegant, but not too flashy...  Then I talked myself into a whole lot of drama!  First, I made the unfortunate decision to just check to see what the true definition of Cocktail Attire really is...  OK, I was on the mark there...  But then, things got a little dicey.  Apparently, Cocktail Attire has sub-categories--like, for weddings...  If the wedding is in the evening, then beading and sparkles are acceptable.  If it's a daytime wedding, no sparkles, not ever...  No black.  No white.  Not too sexy.  blah blah blah...

Let me just inform you that I was one of maybe 5 out of 200 people NOT wearing black.  For a daytime wedding.  And most of the black dresses were sparkly.  I was not.  I might have followed The Rules, but I kinda wish that I had just worn the tuxedo skirt.  I didn't want to stand out for being inappropriate, instead I stood out for being the only one on point.  At least I was on point in my own (rarely humble--according to The Mister) opinion.

And that's how it ended.  I am the one in all the wedding photos wearing a color.  I can't be missed...  Really, you can't miss seeing me...  Yep, there I am.


Anonymous said...

Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you

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