Thursday, October 6, 2011

Darth Vader is a Backseat Driver

Remember when I had a goblin under my seat in the car? Actually, I think it turned out to be Chucky... Anyway, yesterday I was driving down the street and heard woozsh-vvvwmmm...

For those of you less versed in Star Wars, that is sound of a Lightsaber. So I drove 50 miles (at least) accompanied by woozsh-vvvwmmm, and then the fun really began! Darth Vader started speaking from the back seat of the car!

Luckily, Darth seemed pretty distracted by the saber duel going on behind me. Because if he'd started shouting,

Hey, let's stop at McDonald's so I can get a Star Wars toy in my Happy Meal!
Well, then I'd have had to pull over right there to put an end to things.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Cooking

It must actually be autumn. My drive to work is growing less green by the day, and it is rapidly increasing in orange foliage. I actually pulled off to the side of the road last week to snap a quick picture. I couldn't believe the change from one day to the next!

It's been so mild and nice... I almost forgot that fall was on its way in. But it's sprinkling tonight, and the temperature is supposed to drop. However, the true telltale sign that summer is over is that I've started cooking again.

There is something about the cool weather that brings out the chef and baker in me. I think my family was shocked that we didn't have to order pizza or pick up burgers. I hope it was a pleasant change for them. I know I enjoyed the afternoon at home preparing our dinner!

I only hope I can keep it up!  I'd love to do more baking this year, now that I'm not fighting altitude.  I just found a recipe for pumpkin cinnamon rolls...  I think that's going to be my very next effort!  


Sleep is one of those things I usually take for granted.  Jammies, a good book, maybe a little Criminal Minds...  And then it's lights out!  But lately?  Not so much. 

My new schedule is something like this...  Jammies, read a book, flip through a magazine, watch Netflix, Skype with European friends, climb back in bed, stare at the ceiling, realize it's 3am...

Not the best schedule for an alarm clock setting of 7am!  Anyone who knows me knows that

Good Morning 
does not exist in my vocabulary.  So you can understand my new reluctance to crawl out of bed and face the world before the sun is even up!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Mister's Foibles

For the record: The Mister not only knows about this post, he was pre-warned.

I love The Mister, I really do. But, even those we love can have peculiar or eccentric characteristics. The Mister has one particularly long-documented foible...  I can live with his Paper Man tendencies.  I raise my brows at his embarrassment for other people--even when they aren't embarrassed for themselves.  I smirk at his signature snack--melted cheese and milk toast (seems a little geriatric, doesn't it?).   But there is one idiosyncrasy which truly drives me up the wall.  The Mister loses things.

I know we all misplace things occasionally. The mate to a sock. The car keys. The cordless phone.  I Even understand the temporary loss of a car in a large parking lot, or an investment in a start-up...

But The Mister LOSES things! And it's never the $5 flip-flops or the old sweatshirt. It's not the 7-11 sunglasses. It's not the lid to the toothpaste.

The Mister has a penchant for losing expensive or hard-to-replace items. These losses usually equate to significantly inconvenient situations... Followed by ineffectual searching... Resulting in eventual replacement purchasing...

Let's document. The credit cards (numerous times), actual cost, just the inconvenience.  The mail key (still missing), re-keying cost, $40.  Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, worn once, $50.  The electronic key to his company car (twice), $85.  Maui Jims that he had to have for nostalgic reasons, $150.  His wedding band, worn for approximately 6 months, $200.  His company Blackberry, $400.   President's Club ring, $500.   The company laptop, $2000.  An entire Volvo sedan, $3000.  And his own hearing aids, $5000.

So, what inspired this post?  Well, here's the thing...  The Mister has lost something new.  The Mister has actually lost pants.  We flew to NYC, stayed overnight, went to a show, and The Mister flew home alone.  Unsupervised...  Which is where the trouble started.  When I arrived back home, a few days later, we couldn't find his pants.  His brand new, I-pleaded-with-him-to-buy-them, $160 Big Star jeans.  Now, you might ask, how did he get home with his shoes and his shirt but no pants?  Well, that's the six million dollar question.  You didn't happen to see a bottom-less passenger on a recent flight from JFK to SLC, did you?

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