Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why Nobody Answers the Phone.

Nobody answers the phone at my house.  The home phone rings, but HRH knows if it were for her, the call would be coming in on her cell.  The Boy doesn't live here officially, so nobody calls our number for him--so even if he's visiting, why should he bother?  The Mister just has no desire to go phone-chasing.  And The Buddies can't be bothered with a ringing phone when there is a wii to master...  That leaves me.  I am the (un)official phone answerer.   But there's a problem...

Apparently, I've become technology challenged...  Or maybe I'm just telephonically challenged.  Between the voice dialing incident (which was repeated the following day - lol) and this latest incident, it's clear that I have issues with phones.

I'm living a situation reminiscent of Sixth Sense.  But I don't see dead people (thankfully).  Instead, I hear phones ringing.  But I am as accursed as poor Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment), I hear the ringing, but am powerless to do anything about it but stand by and let it happen.  I hear ringing from my purse--what magic causes my cell phone to vanish into that seemingly bottomless bag?  The ringing can be heard from the AV room...  But there's no phone in there, just a cordless-phone base that rings unhelpfully, taunting me to go rushing in on my fruitless search for a handset. 

On Monday morning I was trying to wrap up an important call while also attempting to get out the door.  I was in a hurry to get on the road, so I kept chatting as I moved toward the garage.  I ended the call as I climbed into the car and pulled away from the house.

Life went on.  I went to work.  The kids went to school.  All was right with the world. 

Three days later the phone rings.  I hear the ring from the cordless-phone base, but there's no handset.  I cannot answer the phone.  I can find the dead handset (why can't anyone put that thing on the charger?).  But I can't find an actual, active, ringing telephone.  Why?  Where is that phone!? 

I'm back in my car.  HRH is rummaging through the bottomless void (no doubt looking for money for the movie) when she pulls out the cordless handset.  She looks at me with that eyebrow-raised look that only a teenage girl can master.  That look that expresses disdain and incredulity at the same time.  And informs me that she has found the phone.

Bless her...


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