Monday, February 1, 2010

Weight, What Happened?

At some point, you just have to get serious about the weighty issues.  In late September, I did just that.  I took matters in hand, and dedicated myself to the weight-loss cause (also known as Bebe's Great Transformation).  I knew that I had to do something different, after all, doing what I had been doing would just keep me going in the same direction...  And that direction wasn't giving me any wiggle room in my jeans!  So, I made some changes, some of them drastic, and I set some goals.

The best thing I did was buy a BodyBugg.  I love that thing!  I've worn it nearly as faithfully as I would a pacemaker!  I watch what I eat like a Nazi, and I'm brutally honest when I log my daily food intake.  Because I remain vigilantly aware of my choices, I was even able to lose weight over the Christmas and New Year's holidays!

Two weeks ago, I met my goal.  I stepped on my bathroom scale (not the Mister's body fat scale *shudder*) and was pleased to see the digital display reflect that magic number.  Unfortunately, I guess I had a somewhat idealized notion of what I would look like at my goal weight.  So, I set a new target.  It seems so unfair that this weight, on my nearly 40 year old body, isn't as cute as it was on my 30 year old body.  Unfair, because I've worked harder to achieve this weight at this age, and the results just aren't as pleasing...

My work in real estate has taught me the importance of location, location, location...  My "curves" have seemingly relocated--to less desirable locations...  But the truth is, even with the migration from desirable neighborhoods to more questionable areas, I'm generally satisfied.  There's nothing like trying on a pair of jeans, and needing to go back for a smaller size.  Of course, there's also nothing like actually being able to find jeans in readily available sizes!  I'm no longer shopping in the Nether Land of Denim. Hurray!

PS.  If you haven't checked it out, scroll to the bottom of the page to see my SkinnyR Graph!


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Doing it over winter and the holidays is impressive. Spring summer will be no problem to keep it going (down).

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