Monday, December 13, 2010

Everything Old Is New Again

I've been snowboarding since the 80s.  Yes, I know that means I must be really old, but there you have it.  The Mister (who is even older) is a purist.  A skier.  A slave to twin, parallel boards.  Every once in a while, I am cajoled into joining him in a run down the hill.  But because I prefer my snowboard, I haven't upgraded (nor updated) my skis and bindings since high school--don't laugh!

Anyway, the last time I went skiing, I actually had some fresh-faced punk ooh-ing and aah-ing over my "cool new" bindings.  He'd clearly never seen anything like them...  He assumed they must be the latest thing in ski binding technology.

Fast forward to today.  My kids, with some not-to-subtle hinting from me, bought me a 1930s Smith & Corona typewriter for Christmas.  It arrived today, and HRH and I thought it would be prudent to check it for damage.  I told her to sit tight while I grabbed some paper.

What kind of paper?
She wanted to know...  I just laughed...  So, we put in a sheet of regular pink paper, and started to pluck away.  HRH tapped a little too lightly--

Did it work?  Did I do it?
It did not...  No.

After peeking inside, she realized it had to actually stamp the paper.  That's about when The Buddies noticed the racket (I'd forgotten how loud a typewriter is!).  I don't think they could have been more impressed if I'd parked a spaceship in the back yard.

Truly, everything is new again...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Living Social

I've got a new favorite way to get deals!  Have you heard about Living Social?  Two weeks ago I got an email offering a 90 minute massage, 60 minute European facial, and a 30 minute pedi--all for $54!  Can you believe that bargain?  Even better--if three friends buy the same offer, I get it FREE!  Holy cow!  Anybody up for a massage?  Ha ha...  Sorry, that offer has expired, but check back often and I'll post links to the local offerings for future savings.  Spa Day!  Here I come!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I hear violins...

In September, or maybe it was October, The Buddies decided that they wanted to take violin lessons.  They had been taking piano and voice, but their teacher was on a maternity break.  I decided we'd give it a shot and see how it went.

We went through the process of renting violins...  (I'm not stupid--did you really think I'd buy three violins!?)  I was shocked to find out that my three little guys--born 120 seconds apart--are so different in size that we required three different sized violins.  Actually--I was almost as shocked just to realize that violins came in that many sizes...  Ok--so I'm musically uninformed...  But there you have it--we've become a violin-toting, music book schlepping, early-class attending group of violinists...

Let's just say that getting three little boys out the door for school an hour earlier, twice a week, has not been fun.  Add to that the fact that we're (still) living across town from our school...  I'll just be honest and tell you that most days (ok--all days) I drive across town in my pajamas...  Scary thought!  Don't ponder that too long!

But tonight was the big payoff.  The concert.  The holiday recital.  I'd heard them practicing...  A moderately painful, albeit infrequent, occurrence...  But tonight they sounded amazing.  Granted, there were some more experienced violinists in the group, and maybe they overpowered The Buddies, but they sounded awesome!

The only thing that could have made it better?  If we'd actually been able to see The Buddies while they played...  At least more of them than just the legs and feet that peeked out from the bottom of the black music stands!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I have a new linky button on my sidebar...  Did you see it?  It's right there!  Look!!!  (And you can even click it if you feel so inclined...)

What am I doing with a Scentsy button?  Well, let me tell you!  About a million years ago, ok, maybe it was only about 14 years ago, I had a little candle and soap business.  We were living in Arizona when I started Quiet Moments Candle Company.  It started as a hobby, and before I knew it, it had taken over my life.  If I wasn't taking orders, I was filling orders...  If I wasn't managing the orders, I was making the candles...  I tested fragrances, color, and burn properties...  I toyed with different waxes, wicks, and analyzed melt pools.  I labeled, made tags, set up displays, and tied on ribbons.  And I really liked it!  I loved selling my little jars and blocks at craft boutiques and fairs, mostly because that's where I got to meet new people.  But there came a time when it became overwhelming.  I just didn't have the time necessary to maintain my family responsibilities, create all the products, and field all the sales.  So, it was a sad end to my little adventure.

Somewhere along the way, I became disenchanted with burning candles.  I loved the beautiful, flickering light.  I loved the way the fragrances seemed to warm my house and fill it with childhood memories.  But I wasn't a fan of the ghosting.  What's ghosting?  Let me share...  I started to see shadows above my air vents...  I discovered that those dark shadows were the result of the soot in the air in my house.  Soot that was being sucked through my vents and spewed back into our home for us to breath.  Definately not a fan...

In time, we moved into a new house.  (I know, shocking, isn't it...)  And I made the decision that we would not burn candles in our new home...  And we didn't.  But I missed the scent of baking cookies--and my waistline certainly didn't need me to turn our kitchen into a mass-cookie-baking operation.  So, what was a girl to do?

I'll tell you what I did, I discovered Scentsy!  I found a product that melted wax, just like a candle.  Created a warm and enviting ambiance, just like a candle.  Filled my home with amazing aromas, just like a candle.  But it didn't fill my house with soot!  The wax is melted by a low wattage light bulb.  No more worries about catching something on fire.  No more wick-trimming.  No more hot wax burns (this wax melts at a lower temperature).  And best of all, no more soot!

If you want to try it, click on my linky button!  Go ahead, I dare you!  Do it now!  :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010


I've recently been witness to a painful lesson in how differently two people can perceive the same situation.

In our business-savvy world, we do all we can to eliminate unnecessary misunderstandings.  We define time lines, terms of payment, responsibilities, and expectations...  And still, there is always room for misinterpretation.
It's frustrating to look at a scenario and see one thing, while knowing that another party is interpreting the same information in an entirely different way.  And being the opinionated person that I am, I feel completely driven to convince the opposing side of my correctness.  Never mind that at the same time, those same people are trying to convince me to accept their (erroneous) point of view.

I pride myself on being a fairly reasonable person (disputed by some of my son's friends, I'm sure).  And I like to think that I am logical as well.  Is my sensible mind-set an anomaly?  Why don't more people agree with me?  It would save us both some time and annoyance.  Maybe some people just enjoy a good argument...  What they don't know is that I am really skilled in the art of the argument.  And, of course, I have the benefit of being right.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh, so thankful!

Yesterday they were predicting a seven-year storm...  Since it hasn't been seven years since the storm that left my children alone on the mountain, and tens of other children sleeping at the elementary school, I expected that this would be an even bigger storm.  Hard to imagine... 

I dropped my kids off at school yesterday morning and pondered the oncoming blizzard.  Since we are temporarily living across town from the schools, I needed to be sure to plan for road conditions.  My plan was to have everyone home in time to enjoy hot chocolate from the warmth of grandma's kitchen.

On my return drive, I was reminded of what I might have been anticipating if we were still living on the hilltop.  The road crew was delivering Road Closed signs.  There were large barricades, signs, flashing lights, and bright orange cones...  And that was when I was hit full-force with gratitude.  As much as I loved the valley, mountain, and lake views from my former home, I won't miss hiking in from the road.  I won't miss unrelenting cabin-fever created by impassible drifts.  And I won't miss the feeling of living in a house that clings to a mountainside while the winds tries mercilessly to blow it off its perch.

There is something really comforting about being nestled into a neighborhood with people in the surrounding houses.  I think I'm gonna love neighborhood-living!  And I'm happy to report that we did indeed get home safe and sound.  And the cocoa was lovely...

Sunday, November 21, 2010


There were many reasons leading up to our decision to move off the mountain.  One of those reasons was the annoying condition of our private street.  We moved into the house about 5 years ago.  Just prior to our move-in, a section of the road was trenched to lay assorted wires and cables.  As the years passed, the trench filled with water, turned to mud, washed away, and generally continued to erode its way to canyon status.  By the time The Boy got the Volvo, he had to be very careful not to bottom-out when entering or exiting our street.

We requested remedy for our annoying trench, but our request fell on deaf ears...  So, we continued to haul in dirt, gravel, whatever we could find, to temporarily stay the deepening chasm.

Now that we've removed ourselves from the neighborhood (and btw--we were the ONLY ones living on our particular private street), they have finally decided to fix our street.  A street with no inhabitants...  A street upon which nary a car ever travels...

And this is how they fixed it.  They re-tarred it.  Only, they were a little re-tar-ded in their efforts...  The only part of the street that needed fixing was the gradually growing gully...  Did they fill that with tar?  Why, no!  They re-tarred up to the trench, skipped the gulf, and picked up on the other side.  They re-tarred a road that didn't need it--except for that one spot that they skipped!

Seriously...  Re-tar-ded...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Fart in the Tub

You never know what you will overhear when you live with three little boys.  Today was a perfect example.  We finished up with dinner and sent the boys to get in the bath.  The water was running and two of the three were in the tub when the third ran to inform us...

There's poop in the tub!
One of the tubbers hollered,
I farted!  It was probably fart!
Inspection proved that it was neither a poop nor a chunk of fart(?) but just a piece of broken leaf.  There you have it.  Excitement at the Bean house!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Crossing Guards


Just wanted to say thanks to the elementary school crossing guards.  I see the same, nice lady out in front of our school every morning.  She's adorable, and I'm always a little afraid that she might blow away in the wind.  I don't think she's ever missed a day.  And I'm pretty sure she's been at the same crosswalk for at least two years now.  Does she never get sick?  Never go on vacation?  Never want to sleep in?  And how does she keep from getting frostbite once the winter winds start howling?

Seriously, I'd never want that job...  Not even if they paid me (and they don't, just in case you were wondering...).

So, "Thank You," school crossing guards!  For keeping our kids safe!  For not being cross and bitter!

We really do appreciate you! 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Open High School

Today is November 4 and I have only posted once this week.  This should be my fourth post, but sometimes those little things for which we are most grateful seem to get in the way!  HRH is working through an online charter school.  This is great for her dance schedule, but frequently ties up my computer!

Today I am grateful for a that very thing that keeps me from blogging.  I am so impressed by our charter school.  I like that someone has finally found a way to cater to kids who have other, time-worthy things going on in their lives.  For anyone interested, check out

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day One - and I missed it!

A couple of my friends have invited me to join them in their efforts to write a complete novel this month.  I considered participating, albeit briefly.  Truth is, I just don't feel settled enough to sit down and focus in the way writing a novel would require.  Instead, I had committed to blog every day as my effort in getting words on paper (so to speak).  But I've already fallen short on my responsibilities....  It's November 2 and I'm writing my first post...

I had decided to dedicate this month's blogging to the little things that inspire gratitude.  And the first on my list is Fall.

I love it when the colors start to change.  I feel a thrill on that first, warm afternoon when I spot a changeling tree...  That earliest speck of orange that will grow and evolve until the hillside is ablaze with color.  I feel gratitude for the beauty of Fall's colors.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Snow Envy

Yesterday when I awoke, I was hit with the realization that Late Fall had arrived.  The lawn had been drenched during the night, there was a rich, dewiness to everything.  The colors were more vibrant--or maybe more stark--I can't quite decide.  The leaves from the neighbors trees had cartwheeled across the lawn...  Finally relaxing into restful poses against anything upright.  Their rich, seasonal colors of gold and flame a contrast against the drab concrete and the mellow green of the grass.

And then I looked toward my former home...  The neighborhood upon the hilltop.  They had snow.  The first snow.  The best snow...  The earliest snow of each season is special.  It usually arrives stealthfully in the night.  The morning making its entrance with a surprising glistening on each surface outside our windows.  The first snow is usually early enough that the dazzling, autumnal colors of the trees seep through the translucent dusting to create a watercolor of muted tones.

I have to say, I'm not wishing for winter, not yet.  I have no desire for the hassles of bundling up in coats, mittens, hats, and scarves...  But still, there is nothing like that first dusting of early snow...  I can't wait for my first white morning surprise.  And I think it might be coming soon!

Monday, October 25, 2010

To Inquiring Minds...

I am happy to report that we have had no midnight marauders.  No wandering pee-ers.  No mysterious puddles.  This makes my mom very happy since we are staying in her home...  and her carpeting is very nice (and clean!).  Yay!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Teen Redux--Sorta

It's always an interesting predicament to find your adult self back in your parents home.  It's happened to me briefly before, always as a temporary stop-over to a new landing place... The first time was when my ex-husband and I were in the middle of a military relocation...  (Ha ha...  you didn't even know there was an ex-husband, did you!?)  Later, I was in the process of re-labeling aforementioned man from Husband to Ex-Husband...  Both times, it was just a matter of months, but there is nothing like living in your childhood home to make you feel like you are reliving your teen years.  There's a certain feeling that you need to surrender your adulthood when you return to your parents home.

First, you are back in the territory dominated by your parents.  Always interesting when you have been queen of your own domain for a while.  There are the expected hours--to get up, to go to bed, to do assorted tasks...  There are the rules--don't leave that there, make your bed, put the dishes in the dishwasher.  Not that I wouldn't do those things anyway--but it's different when you're doing them because you are expected to, and not of your own accord.

And then there are all the old friends and neighbors...

Hello, Mrs. Quigley...  
How are you, Sister Day?  
Julie!  I haven't seen you since high school graduation!!! 
It's hard to be an adult in these situations...  You want to catch up with everyone, but how to do that?  You're not exactly the same person--circumstances and situations have invariably changed you (and the others, too).  You can't hang out in the bedroom with the stereo playing...  You can't stay out too late--that isn't exactly considerate to someone who is hosting you at their own inconvenience...  And yet, you want the opportunity to fill in the missing blanks in the lives of the people you have missed...

There are the familiar faces at church.  The same faces at the ball games (although those faces are now in the crowd, cheering their own children, and not on the playing field).  The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker...  It's all so familiar, and yet, it's all different.

Today, I find myself, once again, in my mom's domain.  We moved into my parents house nearly two weeks ago.  Our deadline for moving from our most recent home had arrived...  Unfortunately, our new home has not yet been completed.  **In fact, it is seriously behind schedule.**  So, here we are...  Not the young couple with the little baby...  Not the single mom...  No.  Our whole (rather over-sized) family.  That's two full-grown (theoretically) adults, a teen, The Buddies, and a dog.  This extreme multiplication in residency may prove to be challenging...  It's cozy, to say the least, but pleasant.

Besides the exponentially higher number of people, how is this  unifying-of-households different?  Well, for one thing, this isn't my childhood home.  My parents relocated (at my persistent urging) a few years ago.  It's been fabulous to have them so close...  And for this short-term tenancy, their relocation has been a blessing.  My children are able to stay in the same schools, see their usual friends, go to dance, soccer, and assorted activities...  Other than not having a bus--little has changed in their day-to-day lives.   But, the fact that this isn't the home of my childhood means that I don't know the neighbors.  I don't know the ladies at church.  I can't catch up with old friends...  And I'm not really feeling motivated to pursue new acquaintances because we won't be here very long...

So for me, life is in upheaval.  While I don't feel like I'm no longer a card-carrying member of the Adult Party, I do feel the sting of being The Secondary.  I miss my kitchen (not the physicality of it, just that it's mine--filled with my things).  I miss my brand of milk in the fridge.  I miss my collection of cookbooks.  I miss my high-capacity washer that can wash three sets of twin-sized sheets at once.  I miss knowing which channel shows my favorite TV shows.  I miss knowing where my stuff is...  Being able to find that shirt, those boots, this jacket...

But, really?  I can't complain.  My parents are Saints.  I do less cooking (mom and I are trying to share that responsibility).  Dad seems to enjoy spending time exercising Lola.  The Buddies love showing off their rapidly-improving reading skills to Grandma and Grandpa.  I have back-up chaperons, chauffeurs, and care-givers.  And best of all, I have about 4000 fewer square feet to clean!  Maybe we'll just stay here...

JUST KIDDING, MOM!  Don't have a heart attack!

Life here is rather pleasant, but I'm still looking forward to getting back to "normal" in our new home.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pencil that in...

Announcement: We've moved... Again.

I know, I know... The last time we moved I announced that we'd never move again. I insisted that you could update your address book with ink. I told you it was unnecessary to pencil us in... We were staying put. We had arrived at our permanent address.

I lied.

So, here we are again. How many years was it this time? About four, and that is, perhaps, close to our record.

And now I will try to be perfectly honest. We've moved. Please pencil in our new address.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's a mystery...

Really, I promise not to turn this blog into the potty chronicles.  But we found a mystery puddle.  Nobody remembers doing it.  HRH did not witness it.  It was on a bedroom floor...  Seriously gotta put a stop to the random midnight urination...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Dilemma

We have a cat.  It isn't this cat.  It's not one of these cats.  It's a totally different cat (although it was mothered by one of the aforementioned cats).  Anyway, while she isn't our original pet, she has, in fact, made herself useful.  We are blissfully mouse-free, thanks to this cat.

The newest dilemma...  While our nameless cat (currently nicknamed Floosie) is an acknowledged member of the family, she has never had the opportunity to be invited into our home.  She lives in the garage.  The yard is her domain.  The surrounding hillside creatures cower whenever she is near...  But here's the thing.  She loves to wander.  She comes back home, but then she wanders again. 

OK--so this is a bit of a spoiler to this previous post.  If you are waiting for a big announcement--stop here...  If, however, you know me well enough to know that this is as good as it's gonna get, keep reading.

So, we're moving.  Not too far, but to a different zip code, a new location, a neighborhood where there are more children roaming than vermin.  We're looking forward to having other children around.  The cat, however, will be wholly out of her element.  I have to wonder...  Will she stick around the new house?  Will she wander away?  Will she head back to rule in her established realm?  Floosie likes to chase creatures.  She noms on tasty mice, voles, and feathered friends.  I'm not sure she'll enjoy the manicured landscape.  The lack of adventure, the absence of danger waiting around every boulder and bush.  Truthfully, traffic will be a whole new adventure for her.  I don't think she's ever feared for her life due to advancing autos.  We just don't get much traffic up here.

So the questions:  Exactly how do you manage the relocation of an outdoor cat?  And should it even be attempted?  And if not, what are the options?

Just wondering...

Monday, September 20, 2010

In a quandry...

I hinted that I was in a quandary... Truth is, I WAS in a quandary... Now it's passed, and I survived my indecision.  But now I am stuck questioning the decisions made by everyone else!

What the heck am I blabbering about? Let me tell you...

I received a wedding invitation a month or so ago. I was expecting it, but was impressed when it arrived because it was rather grand. At the bottom of the beautiful piece of engraved stationary was the note,

Cocktail Attire Requested
Now, I know that I'm not on the Queen's short list when it comes to invitiations to tea, a gala, or an evening at the symphony... But I do know how to dress up a bit. And I have been to more than one Cocktail Event.  But for some completely baffling reason, seeing those words at the bottom of an invitation throws me into a tailspin.

Truth be told, I put off choosing something to wear until the last minute.  I was going to wear a gorgeous, tuxedo skirt and a beaded top.  Very elegant, but not too flashy...  Then I talked myself into a whole lot of drama!  First, I made the unfortunate decision to just check to see what the true definition of Cocktail Attire really is...  OK, I was on the mark there...  But then, things got a little dicey.  Apparently, Cocktail Attire has sub-categories--like, for weddings...  If the wedding is in the evening, then beading and sparkles are acceptable.  If it's a daytime wedding, no sparkles, not ever...  No black.  No white.  Not too sexy.  blah blah blah...

Let me just inform you that I was one of maybe 5 out of 200 people NOT wearing black.  For a daytime wedding.  And most of the black dresses were sparkly.  I was not.  I might have followed The Rules, but I kinda wish that I had just worn the tuxedo skirt.  I didn't want to stand out for being inappropriate, instead I stood out for being the only one on point.  At least I was on point in my own (rarely humble--according to The Mister) opinion.

And that's how it ended.  I am the one in all the wedding photos wearing a color.  I can't be missed...  Really, you can't miss seeing me...  Yep, there I am.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Somethings Cooking

I was a pretty dedicated blogger until life got in the way. What is it about the goings on of a family... Without a little excitement there are meager pickings for blog topics. But when there's too much excitement, there just isn't time enough to take a break and get it all down. It's like the days when you have no ingredients on hand to make a quick dinner versus the evenings when you find yourself looking at a fully stocked pantry with no time to throw anything together.

I now find myself in the exasperating situation of having too many pots on the stove with nothing ready to serve. I'd love to update the world on our new adventures and big changes, but they're all still works in progress. But I know that as soon as our plans solidify, I'll be slammed with to many obligations to blog anything.

Lately, I find myself ruminating on our future. In particular, I'm daydreaming about a kitchen with cookies baking in the oven... Kids playing at the park... Taking walks around the neighborhood... It's something of a domestic daydream involving lots of family time a liberal dose of homemade cuisine. It's a pleasant dream--I hope it comes to fruition soon!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's been a good day.

Lots of big things are happening here. Some things are coming to a resolution. New adventures are about to begin. It's gonna be a big year for us. And, at least at this junction, I'm happy to say that things are moving in a positive direction.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Announcing a Pending Announcement....

I have nothing to announce, but I'm hoping to very soon! We've been working on a new project here at the Bean Household. Tomorrow we should have all the loose ends tied up. I know I haven't been posting much lately, the truth is, some of these preparations have been taking up all my time... And I just wasn't quite ready to share. But big changes are coming! And, NO, I absolutely am NOT pregnant! No more Crazy Beans for us! Wait and see what's next...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Scraping the Bottom...

Well, after a much anticipated night free from nocturnal wanderings, it's time to blog on a new topic. Problem is, life's gotten a little dull around here (**snicker/snort** actually, I'm just not sharing yet). So with nothing of interest to blog about, I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel to find a topic. You're free to either check out now, or just plow on through the muck.

School has started for the Crazy Beans. The Buddies are loving Second Grade. Per our previous decision, all three boys are in separate classes. This arrangement, while beneficial for The Buddies, has proven challenging for Moi. I'm afraid I threw a bit of a tantrum the other day over a particular assignment. The assignment involved making paper dolls resembling each boy. Sounds fun enough, right? WRONG! I've had to do this same assignment three times each year for three years in a row now! Did I say "I" had to do it? YES! Me. Moi. I. And I have enjoyed it only that first time. Technically, I guess it was only two years in a row, because HRH stepped in to stop the meltdown this year. Really, after six paper dolls I just couldn't do it again.

As for school for HRH... This year has been experiment in unconventional, or at least nontraditional education. There is a learning curve, for sure. But it's getting easier every week. Last week I threatened to change my name from "Mom" to something less effortless to holler through the house. It was a constant barrage of,

Mom, can you take a look at this? Mom! Mom? Moooooommmmmm...
I had to be very firm and remind her that I am NOT her teacher. She still doesn't like emailing and Skyping her teachers, but she's less resistant to it this week... It's getting better... Really... It is! :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

It's Becoming a Theme

OK--So I know that my blog isn't dedicated to the Sleepwalkers of America, but for some reason that seems to be an ongoing theme. A couple of nights ago HRH caught Max sleepwalking. He made a stop in the pantry to do... guess what... his business! Yes, he traveled past three bathrooms before reaching the kitchen pantry. And that is where he chose to relieve himself!

So here's the concern... Why have my triplets suddenly become uncontrollable sleepwalkers? Why, while sleepwalking, do they need to relieve themselves in locations other than the bathroom? And why is HRH always a witness to this monkey business? I think she shares some culpability--I just haven't figured out how... :)

So, really, I'm looking for suggestions. We're continuing with the pre-bedtime potty pit-stop. We're limiting fluid intake. But they still need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Are they just growing? What's the deal? And what's with the sleepwalking? How do we make sure they're fully alert and aware of location before they begin their business? More suggestions, please!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Puddles - Part Deux

I'm not sure what's going on around here, but it seems to be contagious. Last night HRH wandered into our room at about 10:30. She said that Max was crying, and that he'd peed in his dresser drawers... What?! Yep, he was sleep walking and thought he'd made it into the bathroom. First drawer open took the hit.

First off, what is with the sudden upswing of sleepwalking. And why must the sleep walkers also be sleep pee-ers? And what is HRH's role in all this? She seems to be a common element...

At least Zeke peed on the concrete floor. That was easy to mop up. But a dresser drawer? That involves not only wood furniture, but also an armload of clean clothes!

I have The Buddies use the bathroom right before bed. We limit their drinking water close to bedtime... What else can we do? I'm at a loss...

Sunday, August 29, 2010


There is something disconcerting about a puddle. Not rain puddles, which are great for splashing around in while sporting wellies and carrying an umbrella... I'm referencing the puddles found in your home. Is the roof leaking? Did the washer over flow? Did the plumbing fail? None of these options lead to happy thoughts.

Then there are the puppy puddles and the spilled lemonade. Those puddles are bothersome, but hardly worrisome.

We had a different type of puddle appear under cover of a dark night. But this puddle wasn't a mystery. There were witnesses to its appearance. The Princess was sleeping when she heard a Buddy entering the room. He proceeded to pull down his pajama bottoms and "puddle" the floor. HRH, in a startled state, tried to get him to stop. But, in his sleep-altered mentality, he thought he was in the bathroom!

I have children who talk in their sleep. It may even be a hereditary thing, as I've been known to give entire speeches in my sleep... But sleepwalking is a new experience for us. We will lock the doors, make sure there is nothing to stumble upon, do everything we can to protect our nocturnal wanderer... But all I can do is hope that the puddles are kept to a minimum. And I'll keep feeling gratitude that concrete floors are so easy mopped up!

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Mister and Me

Sometimes life comes at you like a freight train.  You flinch as you bail out of the way and hope you cleared the carnage!  It's times like that when I'm so happy I have such a great guy at my side.

The Mister and I certainly have our differences of opinion.  We disagree on bedtimes (for us and for the kids!), we can find no common ground regarding literature, he likes lemon, I prefer chocolate...  But the one thing I know is that he will always be my rock when I really need it.

Tonight we attended the 50th Wedding Anniversary bash for some family friends.  As we were getting ready for the event, The Mister adamantly informed me that we would be having no such celebration.  When I raised my eyebrows, he informed me that one of us will have killed the other long before then!  Truth is, he'll be in his 80s by then...  But given the family history, he should still be alive and kicking.  And unless he significantly ups the amount on his insurance, he's actually more useful right here...

So, there it is...  My ardent admittance of undying love for The Mister.  Romantic, wasn't it?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

End of Summer

Well, we knew it was coming to an end...  Summer is officially fading, and in the evenings it's becoming even more apparent that Fall is on its way.  There is a new bite to the evening breeze that has been absent for the past few months.

A few days ago I noticed the orange tinge on the Japanese maples.  The golden flutter is gaining purchase on the aspens in my yard...  The evenings are cool and pleasant...

I guess the truest indicator that we're at the end of Summer is that school starts tomorrow.  The backpacks have been purchased.  School clothes are ready to be hung in the closets.  New shoes.  Freshly sharpened pencils.  The smell of Crayola and Elmer's.

Summer has been really wonderful this year.  Days on the boat.  Vacations at Lake Powell.  Seven Peaks, Trafalga, the local park...  Snoasis, BBQs, homemade ice cream.  It's been one of the best Summers I can recall.  But the truth remains, I love Fall.  And I can't wait for it to bloom in all its glory! 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's Back!

It's back! My topper, it's back! YAY!  Where did it go?  Who brought it back?  YAY!

Monday, August 16, 2010

You know you've got a keeper...

Every mom likes to think her kid is the best.  But once in a while, it's really nice to have someone else confirm it.

Last spring, at early registration time, we attended our scheduled appointment in the counseling center.  When HRH gave her name at the front desk, the secretary was so excited to meet her.  She told us that she was the resident "talent scout" and that HRH had been requested to work in the counseling office for the upcoming year.  HRH was flattered, and when her schedule looked like it would allow it, we signed her up.

Today I took HRH to our local middle school.  We are making some significant changes for the coming school year, and we had to withdraw her from the majority of her classes.  Upon entering her counselor's office, Mrs. Brown said,

Ah!  It's so nice to see you!  You are a very popular girl!  
We smiled, but had no idea what Mrs. Brown was talking about.  Apparently, there was some confusion regarding the request for HRH to work in the counseling center.  She was scheduled as an assistant, but there was no information saying where she would be assisting...  Mrs. Brown had sent out an email asking who wanted HRH for an aid.  She got responses from nearly every teacher saying,

Me!  I want her!!!
Unfortunately, nobody at the middle school gets her...  She will be otherwise engaged for the year.   And I'm going to enjoy having her around a bit more!

So many questions...

OK, remember when I was updating my blog and I lost everything?  Remember how I ranted?  Remember how I cried?  Remember how I thought I'd never see my photos again?  Remember how long it took to get things back up and running?  Remember when I uploaded the cute new header with the bees buzzing around?  When did that header disappear?  How long has it been gone?  Where did it go?  How do I get it back?  Just wondering...

Maggot Mouse

I know, doesn't that title just scream for your atention?!

I think I've mentioned our family cat in the past...  You know, the one who doesn't have a name, doesn't know how to purr, and apparently doesn't know how to say, "No" to the neighborhood Tom.  (Yes, we're expecting kittens any day...)  That cat, currently being called Floozie, is good at her job.  Her job being, of course, keeping the mouse population under control.  She's a hard worker, probably underpaid, but exceptionally skilled.  My only complaint is that she loves to leave proof of her good work for my inspection.  I know, ick...  Anyway, we have encountered a new problem...

Enter, Lola...

Lola is not such a dedicated worker.  She loves to chew on expensive shoes, steal toothbrushes, and nom on decorative pillows.  She is definitely not pulling her weight within the family, and aside from the Cute Factor, she has relatively little to offer.

To counter her lack of contribution to the household, she had taken a new tack.  Instead of actually doing anything helpful, like fetching me a Diet Coke, she is trying to steal the cat's thunder.  The cat leaves a mouse for my inspection (acceptably discarded in a remote region of the yard)...  Lola discovers the mouse...  Lola brings the mouse to my very doorstep...  Lola tries to bring the mouse into my house.  I do not appreciate this new direction that Lola has taken.  Lola must drop Maggot Mouse immediately!  No, Lola!  Not in the house!  No!  NO!!!  Lola is FIRED!

Can someone come get rid of Maggot Mouse?  Mister???  Please???

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Dentist

I have an unreasonable, purely irrational, overwhelmingly unmanageable neurosis regarding  my teeth.  (I know, I need help...)  Anyway, for this reason (the neurosis--keep up!) I searched far and wide, making many errors in judgment, before finding the perfect dentist.  And no, "perfect" is not an exaggeration, at least not as far as I'm concerned.  In fact, not only is my dentist awesome, his whole staff is top-notch.  in fact, I've even consented to see his partner on occasion with outstanding results.  But the truth is, I love Dr. Larsen.   

I have a good friend who hates her dentist.  Of course, it's hard to like any dentist who drills holes in your head without using Novocaine!  But here's the rub.  She (my friend) requests to be treated without  any anesthetic...  (And you thought I was neurotic!)  Her reasoning is that this gives her bragging rights when talking to her all-brother siblings.  I'm sorry, but I don't need the "tough" title that bad... 

Recently, this same friend mentioned how much she disliked her dentist and asked if I liked mine.  I told her how gentle my dentist is.  How painless the treatments.  I mentioned how careful he is with my extremely sensitive teeth...  She asked where his office was located, and after my response she guffawed--right out loud!

She doesn't think it's necessary to drive from the Greater Salt Lake City Area to the nether regions of the fine state of Utah to find a good dentist.  But then what does she know?  She lets people drill into her head without numbing it first!

P.S.  In case anybody out there cares, the best dentist in Utah practices in HOLDEN!

Friday, August 6, 2010


I have weeds growing in my yard.  Not one or two...  Lots of weeds.  I could argue that I suffer from seasonal allergies.  I could complain that weeding is a never-ending and thankless job.  I could curse the neighboring yard with it's over-grown tumble of weeds that go to seed and infest my lawn and flowerbeds.

But then I find this...

And a little later, I find this...

And then I find this...

And after appreciating the vibrant colors and interesting shapes,
I figure these photos provide an adequate argument against weeding.
And that is the real reason why I have weeds in my yard.

That's my story...  And I'm sticking to it...

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Cabin on the 24th

I know I'm a little behind in posting these photos, but I wanted to get them up before our next little vacation.  We were lucky enough to get to the cabin for the 24th of July (Pioneer Day for those of you not familiar with Utah holidays!).  It isn't very often that we get to go to the cabin these days...  School, dance schedules, sick days...  so many reasons.

But I'm so glad we made it this time!  We brought our new paddle boat and the kids had a blast with it!  It's like that big box at Christmastime.  All the kids want to play in the box instead of playing with their new toys.  Someone remind me, why did we buy the big, expensive motor boat when the kids are just as happy pedaling across the lake...?

The Princess captained the maiden voyage onto Puffer Lake.
 The Buddies all took a turn powering the watercraft.
 Later, we took a hike.  
Everyone was a little apprehensive about the posted warning of BEARS!
(pst, Grandma!  You are supposed to look scared!)
 Then we hiked to this remote location...
 We don't know where it got its name--but if this is poison, it sure is beautiful!
 We climbed as a group and were able to summit with a minimum of whining...
and only a couple grumpy faces...
 The last stop for the day was at the top!  
Above the tree-line and with plenty of snow for a snowball fight!  
No better way to cool off on a hot July afternoon!
Before we know it, there will be more snow than we can handle!  But for this day, this was the perfect ending to a really fun holiday at the cabin!

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