Monday, December 13, 2010

Everything Old Is New Again

I've been snowboarding since the 80s.  Yes, I know that means I must be really old, but there you have it.  The Mister (who is even older) is a purist.  A skier.  A slave to twin, parallel boards.  Every once in a while, I am cajoled into joining him in a run down the hill.  But because I prefer my snowboard, I haven't upgraded (nor updated) my skis and bindings since high school--don't laugh!

Anyway, the last time I went skiing, I actually had some fresh-faced punk ooh-ing and aah-ing over my "cool new" bindings.  He'd clearly never seen anything like them...  He assumed they must be the latest thing in ski binding technology.

Fast forward to today.  My kids, with some not-to-subtle hinting from me, bought me a 1930s Smith & Corona typewriter for Christmas.  It arrived today, and HRH and I thought it would be prudent to check it for damage.  I told her to sit tight while I grabbed some paper.

What kind of paper?
She wanted to know...  I just laughed...  So, we put in a sheet of regular pink paper, and started to pluck away.  HRH tapped a little too lightly--

Did it work?  Did I do it?
It did not...  No.

After peeking inside, she realized it had to actually stamp the paper.  That's about when The Buddies noticed the racket (I'd forgotten how loud a typewriter is!).  I don't think they could have been more impressed if I'd parked a spaceship in the back yard.

Truly, everything is new again...


Olivia said...

So cool! I adore old typewriters. I have one that I have hauled around with me for years and years. It's one of the only things that has survived my incessant need to downsize.

TravelByTurtle said...

Come on scribbler! Christmas? New house? New purse? something to catch up on???
(happy New Year)

World Tourist said...

That is so cute!! I love the curiousity of children, especially when they love something old that also fills us with joy!

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