Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fingers Crossed

It's the beginning of a new year.  A time when many of us reflect upon the previous twelve months.  Our choices, disappointments, and small moments of triumph.  A time to wish we'd done some things differently.  And a time to rejoice in unexpected good fortune.  It's a time of reflection, and an opportunity for self evaluation.

Today in church we had a lesson about the importance of resolutions.  Not exactly a typical topic for a Sunday lesson...  Usually, even if the content remained the same, the title of the lesson would read something more like "Goals" or "Achieving Personal Progression," alluding to something seemingly more enlightened than "lose that last 15 pounds."

I'm not a huge proponent of New Year Resolutions.  I guess my reasoning is that if you don't make them, you can't break them...  Possibly not the most insightful way of looking at it--but that's a pretty good indicator of my mentality regarding change.  Let's just say that I don't do change well.  Change.  I dread the possibility of it...  I avoid the impetus of it...  The whole thought of it makes me cringe, quite literally...

But, after pondering the Sunday lesson, I've decided that I do, in fact, have a desire to change a few minute aspects of my life.  So, here's my plan.  I resolve to lose weight, eat more healthfully, be kinder to those around me, learn something new, be more outgoing, make a new friend.  I plan to be more successful, be more creative.  Walk the dog, drink more water, learn a new skill.  Travel the world, read something amazing, influence someone for good.  I plan to cook from scratch, bake beautiful birthday cakes, and host amazing little get-togethers.  I'll meet all my new neighbors, always wear a smile, and be kind to the guy who allows his dog to poop on my lawn.  I'll plant flowers, create beautiful floral arrangements for the table, and nurture a fruit tree...  There...  I think that will do it...

And if you found any typos in the previous paragraph, you can blame it on my trying to type with my fingers crossed.  Because crossed fingers negate everything...  Right?


TravelByTurtle said...

I look forward to an amazing get together where I plan to feast on your from-scratch creations while the buddies put on a concert and HRH dances.

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