Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas 2010

I know that December has come and gone...  It's nearly mid-January, but I still wanted to add a little blog post about our Christmas Holiday. 

Like any other family with children, the days preceding Christmas were full of excitement.  We took evening tours of the neighborhoods to check out the light displays.  We built snowmen.  We drank hot chocolate.  We speculated on who had been naughty--and if anyone had been nice...  We shopped, made lists, ate too much, and enjoyed each other (up until the point where we started to drive each other crazy!).

On Christmas Eve, with the elves peeking through the windows, we tucked The Buddies into bed.  Due to The Mister's brilliant idea of taking them to Jump On It, and then to the community swimming pool, the little guys were exhausted, and fell peacefully to sleep.  HRH and The Boy were another story...  Delay, delay, delay...  They were convinced that if they stayed up long enough, Santa would let them help with his midnight chores...  Like he would ever do that!  He doesn't even let me stay up to help!  So, after much complaining, they finally skulked off to bed.

A couple hours later, while creeping out to get a drink, I caught The Big Guy!  He had just emerged from the chimney when I unwittingly surprised him.  But he was a good sport.  He even let me take a picture or two, just to show the kids...

We had a fabulous day, full of fun and surprises.  Wishes were fulfilled, and the Lego-Building Frenzy has still not abated.  I think it's fair to say that a good day was had by all.

I hope your Christmas was as beautiful!


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