Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wanted: Reliable Tooth Fairy

With three little boys, all at the tooth-losing stage, the Tooth Fairy is a regular visitor at our house.  JJ initiated the string of visits when he swallowed his first tooth at Johnny Carino's.  From there, Zeke joined the fun, and it seems like it's been at least a tooth a week ever since.  Max was a little late to get started, but he's doing his level best to catch up...  At the current count, JJ is ahead with 6 teeth, the last two within just two days of each other.

After JJ lost that second-to-last tooth, he was devastated to learn that the Tooth Fairy had forgotten to make a stop by our house.  And I have a confession, that isn't even the first time that the Tooth Fairy has been lax in her duties.  On more than one occasion we've covered for her by sneaking in a dollar that had "slipped down the side of the mattress."

Today, we find that Max will be in need of another visit.  After watching the movie The Tooth Fairy this week, I have been pondering the inexplicable reason why our fairy is so unreliable.  You would think that being assigned to a family with three little boys, all of whom are perpetually wiggling away to achieve tooth self-extraction, that fairy would understand the necessary state of high-alert attached to this particular assignment.  This assignment has the potential to be extremely high-profile, with varied challenges, and a demanding schedule.  No time for sleeping on the job here!

As evening approaches, I will make sure to do all I can to accommodate our much-anticipated, winged visitor.  Doggy will be secured in another bedroom.  The cat will be appropriately banished to the garage.  The teens will be otherwise enchanted, and the adults will feign ignorance.  Tooth Fairy, feel free to make it an early visit!  We're ready!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Meet Max

It's nearly 10pm and I just checked on The Buddies... (Technically, I was gathering laundry from their bedrooms, but whatever...) Anyway, Max peeks up from his jumble of blankets, with a big smile on his face, to say,

Mom, today was the best day ever!
And knowing Max like I do, that is exactly what I would expect him to say.

It doesn't matter what we do, where we go, how many errands we have to run, or how many things go wrong... Each and every day, Max informs me that it has been the best day ever.

A friend (also a frequent commenter to my blog--Travel By Turtle) recently linked me to an article about the contagious effect of moods. Can you imagine the happiness we could spread if we all thought that every day was The Best Day Ever? In an effort to infect the masses (or at least my family) I'm going to dedicate this week to spreading as many fun and happy thoughts as possible.

I dare you to join me! You know you want to!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Vegas, Baby!

Las Vegas has held an ever-changing place in my life for as long as I can remember. As a kid, it was the unavoidable stopping point between home and the magic of Disneyland. We stayed at The Sands, where grandma dropped coins into the slot machines, we all ate too much at the buffet, and Tom and I splashed in the pool.

Later in life, I remember driving through and thinking,

How could anyone live in Las Vegas? I'm sure glad I don't live in Vegas...

Later, I did live in Las Vegas. And against all odds, it became my beloved home. I loved our neighborhood, walks along the park trails, our friends, just about everything (except the heat).

Now, Vegas holds another title, it isn't merely a stopping point, it isn't home, but it has become a fun destination for me. I love the shows, the food, the music... But most of all, I love to see old friends.

Last week I took The Girls (HRH and friend) to Las Vegas for a dance convention. We were transfixed by Cirque du Soleil's KA, and we ate at BB Kings's Diner where we enjoyed some raucous, live Jazz music. We shopped, explored, and I spent the morning with a friend.

While there is nothing like the excitement of Las Vegas, my favorite moments from last week were spent over a fun-filled, sweet potato pancake accompanied breakfast visit. I'm not sure which I found sweeter... The candied pecans or the warm feeling of meeting with a friend and catching up on family achievements. Lisa, I had a great time, thanks!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth!

There's always a bit of confusion when a holiday like The Fourth of July lands on a Sunday.  Do you celebrate on the actual day, the day before, the day after...?  For me, the confusion is amplified by the fact that our traditional activities have evolved. Actually, maybe they haven't evolved as much as they've fizzled out a bit.

Let's just say that July 4th was always a big deal when I was growing up in Fillmore.  In fact, it was even a big deal when I moved away.  I know that I am not unlike many other people, many of us return year after year...  The Mister didn't exactly see the draw of the Fourth of July in a small town.  Luckily, he was always a good sport and went along with it.  In fact, he started attending the festivities with me even before we were married.  

There's something All-American about a hometown parade, games in the park, fireworks on the baseball field...  I'll never forget those amazing days full of Popsicles, watermelon slices, games in the park, talent shows, and falling into bed after the fireworks (with a blooming sunburn).

Now that my parents have moved away, Fillmore just isn't the same for us.  Sure, we could still drive down for the day, but it isn't the same without a shady backyard to hang out in...  Ice cream maker slaving away, mom's pasta salad chilling in the fridge, water fights, and evening sparklers...

And it makes me sad to think that my kids will miss out on all of that.  Sadly, we no longer see fireworks light up the sky.  We don't decorate bikes and wagons for a kid-powered cruise down Main.  We don't throw balls at the Dunk Tank, eat Navajo tacos, or ride on the bouncy wagon.  We don't sit in the back of a pick-up truck and cheer the fire trucks, cheerleaders, and football team.  It certainly isn't the Fourth that I remember.  

This year was especially quiet for us.  Maybe we can make up for it with some fun festivities tomorrow.  I guess this is our chance at a Do Over...  Maybe it's a good thing that July 4th fell on a Sunday this year...

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