Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth!

There's always a bit of confusion when a holiday like The Fourth of July lands on a Sunday.  Do you celebrate on the actual day, the day before, the day after...?  For me, the confusion is amplified by the fact that our traditional activities have evolved. Actually, maybe they haven't evolved as much as they've fizzled out a bit.

Let's just say that July 4th was always a big deal when I was growing up in Fillmore.  In fact, it was even a big deal when I moved away.  I know that I am not unlike many other people, many of us return year after year...  The Mister didn't exactly see the draw of the Fourth of July in a small town.  Luckily, he was always a good sport and went along with it.  In fact, he started attending the festivities with me even before we were married.  

There's something All-American about a hometown parade, games in the park, fireworks on the baseball field...  I'll never forget those amazing days full of Popsicles, watermelon slices, games in the park, talent shows, and falling into bed after the fireworks (with a blooming sunburn).

Now that my parents have moved away, Fillmore just isn't the same for us.  Sure, we could still drive down for the day, but it isn't the same without a shady backyard to hang out in...  Ice cream maker slaving away, mom's pasta salad chilling in the fridge, water fights, and evening sparklers...

And it makes me sad to think that my kids will miss out on all of that.  Sadly, we no longer see fireworks light up the sky.  We don't decorate bikes and wagons for a kid-powered cruise down Main.  We don't throw balls at the Dunk Tank, eat Navajo tacos, or ride on the bouncy wagon.  We don't sit in the back of a pick-up truck and cheer the fire trucks, cheerleaders, and football team.  It certainly isn't the Fourth that I remember.  

This year was especially quiet for us.  Maybe we can make up for it with some fun festivities tomorrow.  I guess this is our chance at a Do Over...  Maybe it's a good thing that July 4th fell on a Sunday this year...


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