Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wanted: Reliable Tooth Fairy

With three little boys, all at the tooth-losing stage, the Tooth Fairy is a regular visitor at our house.  JJ initiated the string of visits when he swallowed his first tooth at Johnny Carino's.  From there, Zeke joined the fun, and it seems like it's been at least a tooth a week ever since.  Max was a little late to get started, but he's doing his level best to catch up...  At the current count, JJ is ahead with 6 teeth, the last two within just two days of each other.

After JJ lost that second-to-last tooth, he was devastated to learn that the Tooth Fairy had forgotten to make a stop by our house.  And I have a confession, that isn't even the first time that the Tooth Fairy has been lax in her duties.  On more than one occasion we've covered for her by sneaking in a dollar that had "slipped down the side of the mattress."

Today, we find that Max will be in need of another visit.  After watching the movie The Tooth Fairy this week, I have been pondering the inexplicable reason why our fairy is so unreliable.  You would think that being assigned to a family with three little boys, all of whom are perpetually wiggling away to achieve tooth self-extraction, that fairy would understand the necessary state of high-alert attached to this particular assignment.  This assignment has the potential to be extremely high-profile, with varied challenges, and a demanding schedule.  No time for sleeping on the job here!

As evening approaches, I will make sure to do all I can to accommodate our much-anticipated, winged visitor.  Doggy will be secured in another bedroom.  The cat will be appropriately banished to the garage.  The teens will be otherwise enchanted, and the adults will feign ignorance.  Tooth Fairy, feel free to make it an early visit!  We're ready!


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