Friday, July 16, 2010

Vegas, Baby!

Las Vegas has held an ever-changing place in my life for as long as I can remember. As a kid, it was the unavoidable stopping point between home and the magic of Disneyland. We stayed at The Sands, where grandma dropped coins into the slot machines, we all ate too much at the buffet, and Tom and I splashed in the pool.

Later in life, I remember driving through and thinking,

How could anyone live in Las Vegas? I'm sure glad I don't live in Vegas...

Later, I did live in Las Vegas. And against all odds, it became my beloved home. I loved our neighborhood, walks along the park trails, our friends, just about everything (except the heat).

Now, Vegas holds another title, it isn't merely a stopping point, it isn't home, but it has become a fun destination for me. I love the shows, the food, the music... But most of all, I love to see old friends.

Last week I took The Girls (HRH and friend) to Las Vegas for a dance convention. We were transfixed by Cirque du Soleil's KA, and we ate at BB Kings's Diner where we enjoyed some raucous, live Jazz music. We shopped, explored, and I spent the morning with a friend.

While there is nothing like the excitement of Las Vegas, my favorite moments from last week were spent over a fun-filled, sweet potato pancake accompanied breakfast visit. I'm not sure which I found sweeter... The candied pecans or the warm feeling of meeting with a friend and catching up on family achievements. Lisa, I had a great time, thanks!


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