Sunday, March 11, 2012


Ask anyone if they've ever had M&Ms and you'll get the same answer.  Everyone has a favorite, right?  They come in fun colors and are available in the original version, with peanuts or peanut butter, in dark chocolate, coconut, with almonds...  There are even new mint versions, minis, and pretzels!

Some people don't care what version they eat--they like them all.  Others have a favorite color.  Some people have even attributed meaning to certain colors...  Green, anyone?  I even know people who decorate with M&Ms.  Did you know that you can buy entire bags of custom colors?  Or, for the truly vain, you can have your name or picture printed on each little candy.

But here's my little secret...  I hate M&Ms...  I don't enjoy eating them (I prefer Reese's Pieces).  And I don't even like people around me to eat them (ahem...  Mister!).  There is something about the crunch they make when you bite them.  It's just wrong, chocolate shouldn't crunch!

We've always been chocolate snobs at our house.  HRH, who doesn't eat candy, will eat a chocolate on occasion.  When she was about 4 years old, someone offered her a garden-variety chocolate.  It was probably something from the grocery store.  She indignantly informed them that she only eats Cummings!  I guess I tipped my hand there--we love Cummings Studio Chocolates!  Anyway--thanks to a certain new friend of mine (who has graciously instilled in me an appreciation of authentic Belgian chocolate) I have now confirmed my previous conclusion...  Chocolate should not crunch.

So, although I don't plan to down a bag of the little favorites anytime soon, I do enjoy a good marketing idea.  I've gotten quite a kick out of the new "naked" M&M commercials...  I guess the only question for me is this...  Do the new Ms Brown and Green get along?  I can't image that they do.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Some Days

Sometimes you have days where nothing seems to go right...

And then there are fantastic days full of smiles and congratulations...

Today was neither.

Today was one of those days just happen to be amazing for no apparent reason.  And the funny thing is, today had just about everything working against it!  Freezing weather.  Blustery winds.  An early wake-up time.  A long drive to the middle of nowhere (sorry Millard County--you know I love ya!).  A dentist appointment.  A quick lunch in the car.  Phone calls, business stops, meetings and to-dos. 

But I'm going to bed tonight with a smile.  It's been a good day.

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