Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ready to Concede Defeat

Last week a lovely, young couple moved into the neighborhood.  It's obvious that they are completely devoted to one another.  They chatter happily as they work to create their new home together.  They never seem to squabble.  They are committed to getting their home in order as quickly as possible.

My adorable new neighbors are the Swallows...  No, not exactly Mr and Mrs Swallow--more like the barn swallows.  Yep, my new neighbors are a couple of birds.

So The Swallows (Mr and Mrs) decided to relocate to the neighborhood late last week.  I enjoy their lively twittering.  Their roost of choice is the temperature gauge right outside my office window, which gives me a prime spot for observing them.  I've noticed their pretty colors, iridescent blue wings, orange heads, yellow bellies...  And I thoroughly enjoy their animated conversations.  Their cheerful chatter makes me smile.  They are brightly colored, energetic, and very entertaining to watch.   

It was obvious from the first that the friendly little neighbors were some type of swallow; I decided to find out more.  So this is what I found out:  my cheerful neighbors are the same pesky little birds who love to build muddy nests.  I know, I know...  They will keep the pesky bugs out of my yard, and I'm sure they have other redeeming qualities, but here's what else I learned...

Barn swallows mate for life.  They will live four to seven years, and they will return to the same nest year after year.  They hatch two broods a year--each brood usually includes three to four hatchlings.  The first brood generally hangs around to help with the second brood.  This is all fine and dandy--after all, we encourage committed relationships and a tightly-knit family unit.  The next part is where things get dicey...

So, besides the messy, muddy nest, and the unsanitary droppings, these cheerful little chirpers are also territorial.  Especially when they have a brood in the nest.  So, basically, I'm looking at the young couple, and their first brood dive-bombing any guests who come to my door during the raising of the second brood.  Would you come to visit me if you know that you would be attacked by a swooping flock at my door?  No, I didn't think so...

So we've taken to discouraging The Swallows.  It's not that I'm opposed to them living in the neighborhood, but I'm not sure about having them as "live-in'" guests, so to speak, for the next four to seven years.  Every day we spray the mud off the eves of the porch.  Again, and again, and again.  The Swallows are nothing, if not persistent!  This has been going on for a week now.  And after a week of starting over with their nest-building every few hours, they just keep at it.

I'm about ready to concede.  The Mister, however, is holding his ground.  It is, after all, the house he is financing--The Swallows haven't even offered to pay rent for the pleasure of sharing our roof.  So, armed with a Super Soaker water gun, The Mister attacks, retreats, and attacks again.

It might be a very long summer...    

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Sometimes you find yourself lucky enough to know the right people.  I've just found myself in that position!  My good friends (and former neighbors) have just launched an awesome jewelry company called bcharmed.  This opportunity was a no-brainer.  Their jewelry is beautiful and creative, the compensation is phenomenal, and they've done everything possible to make this a successful, turn-key opportunity.

Look at this  gorgeous Stylist Showcase!  You get beautiful, black velvet display pieces, and over $600 worth of jewelry!  And the best part is that you get to pick your own jewelry pieces--pick your favorites and show them off to all your friends.

bcharmed has put a lot of forethought into designing the look of this company.  Not only are they meticulous in the creation of each piece of jewelry, but each piece arrives beautifully packaged. This company is truly detail oriented.

So, lucky for you--you found my blog!  And I certainly know how to hook you up!  If you're interested in improving your income outlook, or just in purchasing a little bling for yourself, you need to check out bcharmed.  I'm currently working on my new bcharmed Independent Stylist website--check it out at  It's a work in progress, but you can see some more fun pictures of the jewelry.

Want more information?  Email me!  I can send you a sneak peek of the catalog (it's still in production).  It doesn't matter where you live, let's schedule a bcharmed boutique for you--did I mention you'll get FREE stuff?!  Email me today--the next five hosts to book a boutique will get some extra bcharmed FREEBIES!

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