Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I have a new linky button on my sidebar...  Did you see it?  It's right there!  Look!!!  (And you can even click it if you feel so inclined...)

What am I doing with a Scentsy button?  Well, let me tell you!  About a million years ago, ok, maybe it was only about 14 years ago, I had a little candle and soap business.  We were living in Arizona when I started Quiet Moments Candle Company.  It started as a hobby, and before I knew it, it had taken over my life.  If I wasn't taking orders, I was filling orders...  If I wasn't managing the orders, I was making the candles...  I tested fragrances, color, and burn properties...  I toyed with different waxes, wicks, and analyzed melt pools.  I labeled, made tags, set up displays, and tied on ribbons.  And I really liked it!  I loved selling my little jars and blocks at craft boutiques and fairs, mostly because that's where I got to meet new people.  But there came a time when it became overwhelming.  I just didn't have the time necessary to maintain my family responsibilities, create all the products, and field all the sales.  So, it was a sad end to my little adventure.

Somewhere along the way, I became disenchanted with burning candles.  I loved the beautiful, flickering light.  I loved the way the fragrances seemed to warm my house and fill it with childhood memories.  But I wasn't a fan of the ghosting.  What's ghosting?  Let me share...  I started to see shadows above my air vents...  I discovered that those dark shadows were the result of the soot in the air in my house.  Soot that was being sucked through my vents and spewed back into our home for us to breath.  Definately not a fan...

In time, we moved into a new house.  (I know, shocking, isn't it...)  And I made the decision that we would not burn candles in our new home...  And we didn't.  But I missed the scent of baking cookies--and my waistline certainly didn't need me to turn our kitchen into a mass-cookie-baking operation.  So, what was a girl to do?

I'll tell you what I did, I discovered Scentsy!  I found a product that melted wax, just like a candle.  Created a warm and enviting ambiance, just like a candle.  Filled my home with amazing aromas, just like a candle.  But it didn't fill my house with soot!  The wax is melted by a low wattage light bulb.  No more worries about catching something on fire.  No more wick-trimming.  No more hot wax burns (this wax melts at a lower temperature).  And best of all, no more soot!

If you want to try it, click on my linky button!  Go ahead, I dare you!  Do it now!  :)


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