Sunday, August 29, 2010


There is something disconcerting about a puddle. Not rain puddles, which are great for splashing around in while sporting wellies and carrying an umbrella... I'm referencing the puddles found in your home. Is the roof leaking? Did the washer over flow? Did the plumbing fail? None of these options lead to happy thoughts.

Then there are the puppy puddles and the spilled lemonade. Those puddles are bothersome, but hardly worrisome.

We had a different type of puddle appear under cover of a dark night. But this puddle wasn't a mystery. There were witnesses to its appearance. The Princess was sleeping when she heard a Buddy entering the room. He proceeded to pull down his pajama bottoms and "puddle" the floor. HRH, in a startled state, tried to get him to stop. But, in his sleep-altered mentality, he thought he was in the bathroom!

I have children who talk in their sleep. It may even be a hereditary thing, as I've been known to give entire speeches in my sleep... But sleepwalking is a new experience for us. We will lock the doors, make sure there is nothing to stumble upon, do everything we can to protect our nocturnal wanderer... But all I can do is hope that the puddles are kept to a minimum. And I'll keep feeling gratitude that concrete floors are so easy mopped up!


blah said...

Hi Must be fun with FIVE kids in the house.

Hard work i bet

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