Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Scraping the Bottom...

Well, after a much anticipated night free from nocturnal wanderings, it's time to blog on a new topic. Problem is, life's gotten a little dull around here (**snicker/snort** actually, I'm just not sharing yet). So with nothing of interest to blog about, I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel to find a topic. You're free to either check out now, or just plow on through the muck.

School has started for the Crazy Beans. The Buddies are loving Second Grade. Per our previous decision, all three boys are in separate classes. This arrangement, while beneficial for The Buddies, has proven challenging for Moi. I'm afraid I threw a bit of a tantrum the other day over a particular assignment. The assignment involved making paper dolls resembling each boy. Sounds fun enough, right? WRONG! I've had to do this same assignment three times each year for three years in a row now! Did I say "I" had to do it? YES! Me. Moi. I. And I have enjoyed it only that first time. Technically, I guess it was only two years in a row, because HRH stepped in to stop the meltdown this year. Really, after six paper dolls I just couldn't do it again.

As for school for HRH... This year has been experiment in unconventional, or at least nontraditional education. There is a learning curve, for sure. But it's getting easier every week. Last week I threatened to change my name from "Mom" to something less effortless to holler through the house. It was a constant barrage of,

Mom, can you take a look at this? Mom! Mom? Moooooommmmmm...
I had to be very firm and remind her that I am NOT her teacher. She still doesn't like emailing and Skyping her teachers, but she's less resistant to it this week... It's getting better... Really... It is! :)


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