Monday, September 13, 2010

It's Becoming a Theme

OK--So I know that my blog isn't dedicated to the Sleepwalkers of America, but for some reason that seems to be an ongoing theme. A couple of nights ago HRH caught Max sleepwalking. He made a stop in the pantry to do... guess what... his business! Yes, he traveled past three bathrooms before reaching the kitchen pantry. And that is where he chose to relieve himself!

So here's the concern... Why have my triplets suddenly become uncontrollable sleepwalkers? Why, while sleepwalking, do they need to relieve themselves in locations other than the bathroom? And why is HRH always a witness to this monkey business? I think she shares some culpability--I just haven't figured out how... :)

So, really, I'm looking for suggestions. We're continuing with the pre-bedtime potty pit-stop. We're limiting fluid intake. But they still need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Are they just growing? What's the deal? And what's with the sleepwalking? How do we make sure they're fully alert and aware of location before they begin their business? More suggestions, please!


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