Sunday, November 21, 2010


There were many reasons leading up to our decision to move off the mountain.  One of those reasons was the annoying condition of our private street.  We moved into the house about 5 years ago.  Just prior to our move-in, a section of the road was trenched to lay assorted wires and cables.  As the years passed, the trench filled with water, turned to mud, washed away, and generally continued to erode its way to canyon status.  By the time The Boy got the Volvo, he had to be very careful not to bottom-out when entering or exiting our street.

We requested remedy for our annoying trench, but our request fell on deaf ears...  So, we continued to haul in dirt, gravel, whatever we could find, to temporarily stay the deepening chasm.

Now that we've removed ourselves from the neighborhood (and btw--we were the ONLY ones living on our particular private street), they have finally decided to fix our street.  A street with no inhabitants...  A street upon which nary a car ever travels...

And this is how they fixed it.  They re-tarred it.  Only, they were a little re-tar-ded in their efforts...  The only part of the street that needed fixing was the gradually growing gully...  Did they fill that with tar?  Why, no!  They re-tarred up to the trench, skipped the gulf, and picked up on the other side.  They re-tarred a road that didn't need it--except for that one spot that they skipped!

Seriously...  Re-tar-ded...


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