Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Cat with No Name

Have I ever mentioned that we have a cat without a name?  She's about a year old, she was born here in our garage...  She's the one remaining cat that we consider "ours."  The others decided to flee at their first opportunity. 

Shade (no-name kitty's momma) left our house for the better handouts at the neighbor's house.  Just before Christmas, she discovered that the kids there would hand-feed her deli ham.  She continued to visit as they continued to feed her...  We haven't seen her back at our house since New Year's Day.

Chubby was seemingly offended by the moniker we bestowed upon her and ran off with her stud boyfriend.  She was such a floosie!  If it wasn't Nekko, it would have been Hunny (the neighbor's carousing cat)  And BTW, like Hunny is any better as a name than Chubby?!

Nekko was one of ours.  He went were the action was...  Did I mention that Chubby was a floosie?  Of course, I'm sure it wasn't just her loose ways...  I'm sure they were deeply in love.  I hear he's become a caring provider for their brood.

Anyway, back to the no-name cat.  I guess we could name her Store Brand or Generic...  JJ's teacher asked The Mister if we really had a pet cat that didn't have a name...  When he answered in the affirmative, she was a bit perplexed.  I'm not sure I would have been able to give her a reason.  The best I can come up with is that The Boy named her something that just didn't stick.  He called her Train, or Trane, or Trayne...  I dunno, but it just didn't take.

But you know what I find even more perplexing than having a pet with no name?  Having a cat that doesn't purr.  She is the whiniest cat.  She cries and moans and is generally pathetic.  But she loves to snuggle and be rubbed under the chin.  She loves to have her nose stroked.  She sidles up and winds herself around your legs (tripping you if you aren't paying attention!).  But does she ever give you the satisfaction of letting you know how much she enjoys the attention?  No.  No, she does not.  She has not once, ever, even for a second, granted me the pleasure of letting me know that I'm appreciated.

Dumb cat!


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