Thursday, March 18, 2010

Me? I am shallow...

The Mister has a favorite quote that he frequently recites from the 1986 movie The Money Pit:

I am shallow and self-centered. But you... you are "complex."

The Mister has often used this quote when speaking about our relationship.  But I think he has just reevaluated exactly who is whom in the shallow/complex relationship.  The Mister just finished catching up on my blog, and he informs me that I am at risk of being labeled shallow.  I wonder, after 15 years, is he really just now figuring that out?

Oh well, I guess I can live with that!


The Strosser Family said...

Perhaps because you blogged about the photos you don't want floating around while your MIA. Just a guess though, I could be DEAD WRONG! Have you started your obituary yet??!!

TravelByTurtle said...

Like a real genius, you make the complex simple. (EG E=mc2)

This is your gift (one of them anyway) and is significantly different from 'being shallow'.

It falls upon you to be misunderstood sometimes.........

(I bet you if you take more pictures and post more about the boat this year, this will move you towards the 'complex' end of the spectrum)

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