Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ski Day with The Buddies

I'm not sure how The Mister convinced me...  I must have been experiencing a weak (maybe semi-unconscious)  moment...  But somehow, he did persuade me that seven-year-old triplets and a tow rope seemed like the makings of a fun Saturday afternoon.

Let me just give you a heads-up.  The phrases seven-year-old triplets and tow rope should never be used in the same sentence unless you are describing some new method of parental torture.  Really.  I tried to persuade The Mister that Ski-Wee was the way to go--he had another, more hands-on, approach in mind.

I have to confess that I have done very little skiing in the past few (read 20+) years.  I traded in my skis for a snowboard in '88 and carved down the path of no return.  But even I had to admit that it would be easier to accompany a first-time skier up a tow rope if I were on skis instead of strapped to my board.

So, off we went, up the canyon to Alta.
Home of the skiers--haters of snowboards...

Upon arrival, I was obligated to don a pair of rented (and intensely uncomfortable) ski boots.  My comfy (old) Langs were left at our cabin.  I then strapped on some rented skis.  The Buddies got buckled in as well, and they hit the snow at full tilt.
The Buddies spent a lot of time in the following (and similar other) positions...


The Buddies each had their share of these moments as well...




Lots of hard work?  It sure was.
Worth it?  Yep!

Would I do it again?  
Sure, but you better give me a week or so to recover!


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