Thursday, February 4, 2010


Sometimes I have to wonder what goes on in the minds of my children.

The Boy stopped in this morning for a visit.  I spent the entirety of the day wondering when he was going to drop the bomb (and what was that bomb going to be?).  He had to be there for a reason, right?  To be fair, we do see him periodically (since college and his apartment aren't too far away), but still, it was a little surprising to have him here for the whole day.

Mid-morning, we decided to run to Costco for a few items.  While we were there, we ran into Zeke's first grade teacher.  I razzed her for leaving my child unsupervised, but she informed me that the class had been left in the capable hands of the student teacher.

After school, I asked Zeke if he knew that I had seen his teacher at Costco.  He did know, and informed me that she had asked if the tall, dark-haired boy with me was Zeke's big brother.  Here's where it gets strange.  Zeke went on to tell me that he had told his teacher that Mike was his big brother, but not really, and not from the same family, and that he came from a different country....?  Huh?

Let me just assure you that The Boy is in fact one of my five children.  Born of my body.  And, for the record, born on American soil.  Where do kids get these things?

And another thing, I'm still trying to figure out what prompted The Boy's visit...  Ideas?


honeypiehorse said...

If he didn't come bearing dirty laundry, I'm stumped.

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