Thursday, October 6, 2011

Darth Vader is a Backseat Driver

Remember when I had a goblin under my seat in the car? Actually, I think it turned out to be Chucky... Anyway, yesterday I was driving down the street and heard woozsh-vvvwmmm...

For those of you less versed in Star Wars, that is sound of a Lightsaber. So I drove 50 miles (at least) accompanied by woozsh-vvvwmmm, and then the fun really began! Darth Vader started speaking from the back seat of the car!

Luckily, Darth seemed pretty distracted by the saber duel going on behind me. Because if he'd started shouting,

Hey, let's stop at McDonald's so I can get a Star Wars toy in my Happy Meal!
Well, then I'd have had to pull over right there to put an end to things.


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