Sunday, November 22, 2009

False Advertising

Creative license aside, can we just call it as we see it?  Hyperbole has become so acceptable, in fact even expected, in marketing today that advertising would be undone without it.  And there is no better example than what I witnessed just this evening.  The truth is that even the name defies accurate representation...  IN-N-OUT Burger...

I was on my way home from Provo today (no, I did not attend the BYU v. Air Force game, although if I did I would have been cheering for the losing team... )  I had the great misfortune of crossing paths with the throngs of people who were desperate enough for a burger that they had formed a line that completely encircled the block.

The cars were queued one zigzag after another, across the parking lot, and around the block, behind the strip mall, and down the next street.  What these people don't realize is that not only are they waiting for burgers to be served to those in the cars ahead of them, but burgers will also need to be delivered to those who are shivering in the cold as they form additional queues surrounding the building...  This is where the false advertising becomes obvious.  With a name like IN-N-OUT Burger there is some expectation that you might actually be able to get inside the joint.  And following that assumption is another that leads a person to believe that getting in to pick up your burger and then getting back out might be done in a timely manner.  Therefore the in-and-out reference.  I hardly believe that alacrity is a word that could be used in this situation, although that is what in-n-out seems to suggest. 

This is not to say that I don't appreciate a good burger.  I understand the desirability of a fresh burger with an accompaniment of salted fries and a thick shake.  Truthfully, I have previously enjoyed a hot IN-N-OUT Burger or two.  I have frequented several locations, the favorites being Las Vegas and Barstow.  And I'm sure that in due time I will take my turn at the newest IN-N-OUT Burger drive-up window.  But you can be sure that when I do make that detour through the drive-thru line that it will be done when the chances of a quick entry and even quicker exit are more assured.

IN-N-OUT Burger, welcome to the valley.  I look forward to your shortened lines and a quick lunch to-go!


honeypiehorse said...

Ha ha, so true. You never get outta there because you never get into there!

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