Monday, November 9, 2009

When is a carved pumpkin not a Jack-o-Lantern?

We didn't carve pumpkins for Halloween this year.  Grandpa grew some fabulous pumpkins and even delivered them to our doorstep.  We had every intention of getting them done, but things just didn't go our way this year.  With The Boy being away at school, HRH being busy with dance rehearsals, The Mister suffering through H1N1, and other assorted maladies, we never did get our pumpkins carved for Halloween.  Of course, given that we didn't even get one trick-or-treater, it's not like anyone missed our absent display of glowing gourds... 

But this weekend The Boy came to spend the day.  He was distressed at the sight of whole (unadorned) pumpkins sitting atop our stoop.  He and his friend helped The Buddies to remedy our pathetic pumpkin predicament.

But the question remains...  If you carve faces into your pumpkins in November, are they still Jack-O-Lanterns?  Maybe we need to come up with a more appropriate term.  Any suggestions?


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