Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Day in the Life

I was recently asked what my life is like as a mother of a busy household.  This was my response...

My day starts with approving HRH's outfit and hair style--yes, she wakes me every morning for this chore. lol

Get breakfast for the little boys. No, Max--you cannot survive on Wheat Thins. JJ you need more than 10 calories. Zeke--27 bowls of cereal is quite enough.

Let the dog out.

Let the dog in.  Feed the dog.

Get the boys ready for school, including telling M that his shirt is on backward, making J re-brush his teeth (this time with toothpaste), and telling Z that neither a pajama top nor a short sleeved shirt are recommended for the dead of winter.

Let the dog out.

Comb the boys hair, threaten to shave their heads.

Decide their teeth are still gross and re-brush them all myself.

Drive the boys to school--in my jammies, quite a sight...

Come home, let the dog in.

Do dishes, fold a load of laundry. Toss wash into the dryer.

Take a shower. Hair, makeup, clothes--not in that order...

Let the dog out.

Collect 47 items of laundry from bedroom and bathroom floors and start another load of laundry.

 Let the dog in.

Work on computer to fulfill customer orders.

Make phone calls to place new orders and locate new vendors and price lists.

Crate the dog.

Run to office and then panic when I realize that HRH is ready for a ride home from school and I'm still in SLC.

Pick up HRH from school.

Let the dog out.

Figure out something for lunch.

Let the dog in.

Help HRH with homework.
Do more laundry.

Talk to a friend.

Wash any remaining dishes, which is usually in the form of pots and pans for things I didn't even cook...

Finish up a little computer work.  Send emails.

 Let the dog out.

 Let the dog in. Crate the dog.

Drive to the school to pick up Sarah for our carpool. Drive HRH and Sarah to dance.

Get stuck in traffic on the way back from dance.  Make frantic calls to get someone prepared to do a rescue pick-up in case I don't get to the elementary school on time for the boys.

Dash home to get boys dressed in whatever uniform or outfit is necessary. Grab suitable snacks and deliver the boys to dance, tumbling, scouts, karate, or whatever oddity that they might be doing.

Let the dog out.

Let the dog in. Crate the dog.

Watch odd class in which boys participate in case of accidental injury causing an unforeseen stop by the ER.

Run to moms to save her from data-loss disaster.

Drive to Provo to pick up HRH. Stopping on the way to pick up print orders for work.

Drop Sarah off in Cedar Hills--dash home.

Let the dog out.

Get home in time to make ravioli and meatballs (from a can) for whomever will eat it. Scrounge for the rest of us... (I've been known to dine on Cheetos and Diet Coke.)

Let the dog in. Feed the dog.

Work on homework with the boys--once they graduate to Fourth grade, I will have successfully passed Third grade a grand total of 6 times...

Dump all three boys in the tub and threaten them with their lives if they don't use soap and shampoo.

Help HRH with more homework.

Let the dog out.

Let the dog in.

Talk to The Mister: this might equal a grand total of 3 sentences--especially if he's out of town and I am still struggling to get everyone off to bed.

Send everyone to bed--after brushing teeth (again, with toothpaste) for all the boys.

Do a little more computer work.

Watch The Big Bang Theory (I have 4 complete seasons on DVD).

Find anything that will pass as pajamas.

Read a book in bed.

Let the dog out.

Let the dog in. Crate the dog.

Pass out. Repeat.

Notice that I did not get all the laundry into the dryer, nor did I cook an appropriately nutritious meal. I didn't buy any groceries, nor did I pay the bills.  I neglected to clean the toilets. I didn't go shopping at the mall. I did not get a Smash Burger (tragic!). I didn't pick up the dry cleaning nor did I get the oil changed in my car.  I hope to do some of these things tomorrow... Or the next day... Or maybe next week......  We'll see.


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