Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Arrival of Fall

I won't pretend that I'm disappointed that the warm weather is on the way out. Fall has always been my favorite season. I love it when the temperature starts to drop--that crisp feeling in the air. . . . I love the apples that come into season--that sweet tartness that begs for caramel. I love the way the colors fade from vibrant green to flames of orange, red, and yellow. . . .

It snowed in the mountains last night. I awoke to see the clouds drifting along the canyons and filling the valleys. All at once, the clouds broke apart just enough to expose the majestic, snow capped peaks of the mountains beyond the foothills.

This photo was taken this morning from my back deck--can you believe the scenery that I enjoy on a daily basis? I am so lucky!


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