Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Trip or Vacation

My definition of a vacation is completely different from my definition of a trip.

A vacation is when you go away (usually without the kids) and do nothing but relax. Relaxing may somtimes include sleeping late, breakfast in bed, lounging on the beach, dinners out, but it must always include arriving back at home rested, relaxed, and ready for life.

Let me clearly state that I am about to embark on a trip--not a vacation. Now, that's not to say that I don't expect to have a fabulous time--because I do! But peaceful and relaxing? No, I'm not counting on it.

We (which includes my husband, myself, our 5 kids, grandma, and grandpa) are going on a cruise. I fully anticipate that we will come home overstimulated, weary, sunburned, sleepy, crabby, tired, anxious, and exhausted. (Best case scenario--of course!)

But we are excited!!! This will be the kids' first cruise and we will be sailing on the Disney Wonder. If anyone has any tips for cruising with kids, send them over quick! We leave on Saturday!


Olivia said...

I'm with you! There is definitely a difference between a trip and a vacation. I prefer to stay on the vacation side of things. Either that, or plan a vacation to recover from your trip.

Kacy & Adam said...

Tips? No. Jealousy? Yes!!! Regardless of the lost sanity at times you are going to build some awesome memories with and for your kids. Have a great time and enjoy the hot sun for me...even if it means a sunburn :)

The Strosser Family said...

Do you know what I just thought about....!!!??? I am going to be at church this Sunday, by myself without Sister Bean to hold my hand during relief society, thanks a freakin' lot!! Just throw me to the wolves. Hope ya have fun on your, "trip"!! Can you please get each of your boys Mickey Mouse ears with their names embroidered on the back of em? I always wanted one of those when I was little! I got stuck with the goofy hat, the one with floppy ears!

DeLaina said...

Bonnie-I'm glad you were able to have some fun, but I missed you and I'm a little annoyed by all of your trips/vacations for selfish reasons...you need to be in RS to support me!!!! Help!!! So, no more cruises for a while K? LOL Seriously, glad you're back.

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