Thursday, October 23, 2008

Excitement Enough

After a week long vacation, you would think that we'd had enough excitement. Apparently that is not the case. Just a few hours ago I was sitting on the floor of my garage, crying kid in lap, surrounded by at least six EMTs. While I certainly appreciate a little male attention as much as the next gal, this really isn't the way I prefer to get it.

The neighbors will all be happy to know that the flashing lights of the ambulance and fire engine were not heralding anything too life threatening. A little scary for a minute, but we're all going to live.

Zeke was playing on our Little Tykes playset in the backyard tonight. The wind had blown the playset over during the week, so it wasn't set up properly. JJ, Max, and a few of the neighbor kids were climbing on the playset while Zeke was climbing through it. The whole slide, along with all the kids, fell on Zeke and he was hit on the forehead. Within 30 seconds he had a goose egg on his head (ok, it was more like a chicken egg--but seriously, it was really big!). The EMTs came and checked him for a concussion and neck and back injuries.

Good News: Z-man is A-OK and all the kids got pins and badges from the firemen!

Seriously--with five kids there is more than enough drama just in everyday living. Can we take a break from the extra excitement for a while???


Olivia said...

Oh my gosh! How scary! I'm so glad he is okay. And I'm sure sorry to miss all the firemen!

Bonnie said...

You should be sorry you missed the firemen! I called you earlier to see if you wanted to join us for our outdoor movie. You never answered, but if you had come over, you could have met some cute men! Answer the phone next time!

DeLaina said...

Glad he's okay!!

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