Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April Snow

It's April, and the forsythia is blooming in the valley.  The tulips and daffodils are shyly peeking from their beds.  There are kittens and bunnies and little, blue birds...  But this month that (at least in my mind) typifies annual renewal is still aslumber in my neighborhood. 

It snowed last night.   It wasn't a howling, pelting, winter snow.  Instead, it fell quietly in the night, settling into cracks and crevices...  Muting the sounds of the night, and dampening the usual activities of nature.  The dense white carpeted everything, obscuring the fine lines of the landscape.  The thick whiteness gathered in the crooks of limbs.  It lay where it fell, not swept into drifts, but rather accumulating where it alighted.

Lola enjoyed the spring surprise.  Without the wind to torment her, the downy ground cover made for a joyful morning out.  She explored the newly fresh backyard.  She ran and bounded, jumped and chased.   Her enthusiasm unhindered by her cold, damp surroundings.  I wish The Buddies were still on Spring Break.  This is the perfect snow for building a snowman and for launching an attack of the snowball variety.  I hope there's enough snow left by the end of the day for one last wintry outing.

Of course, with my luck, there will be plenty more opportunities for fun in the snow.  This is, you may recall, the land of Perpetual Winter.  We may find ourselves snowed in at least one more time before the Fourth of July!

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