Friday, March 11, 2011


I've heard that you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone...  I'd say that's about right!  Our last house had an amazing pantry.  Granite counter tops, cherry cabinets, an extra fridge...  It even had a window!  And now I'm relegated to a pantry that barely qualifies as a closet.  I know, a small pantry closet is typical, but still...  Gotta miss all those shelves and the extra fridge--Popsicle, anyone?!

So, The Mister had this brilliant idea that he should build an additional pantry.  I told him that we'd just have to keep extra food storage in the basement...  He just would not listen.  And then he started building his project--without my approval!  I made more than my share of disparaging remarks.  And I wondered who, in their right mind, would agree with him about this being a good idea.

Apparently, in my right mind, I would be the one to agree with him!  That Mister is truly brilliant!  I can't believe that I thought he'd lost all his marbles...  It still sounds crazy, but it is so functional!  The new pantry is in the garage, just outside the kitchen door.  It is accessed by the landing from the stairs that lead from the garage floor into the house.  It is suspended over an additional fridge and freezer which are located at the back of the garage.  

So, I'll do a premature reveal and post a few photos...
These are the stairs from the garage to the house.  
The door opens directly into the kitchen.
The stairs to the right (stacked with boxes) enter the protruding pantry.
This is the pantry--still in need of a door...  
Shelves on the right, a Shelf-Reliance self-rotating can dispenser at the back.
This is a view of the protruding pantry--see the freezer underneath?

The mister is going to add another row of shelves, and we do need to install the light and the door.  Aside from that, I'm ready to start cookin' with my new stash of goodies!  I'll be sure to post better photos once it's done and the garage is emptied enough to really see that it's working (and that my car will still fit in the garage!).  And yes, I will continue to call it the Protruding Pantry...  just FYI...

Thanks, Mister!


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