Friday, September 9, 2011

Autumn Slides into the Valley

As I witness the harbingers of fall, I know my heightened enthusiasm irritates many of my friends. This year, for the first time--maybe ever--I was caught off guard by the sudden appearance of fall colors and coolish weather. I have thoroughly enjoyed these waning weeks of summer. The warm afternoons, fading into pleasant evenings of dining under an umbrella... But today I saw it.   In that little canyon... The first one you see as you head up the hill...?  There were subtle shades of orange in there... Just whispers of color, really. But they were there.

I've always loved autumn. And autumn appeals to me so much more than fall.  Maybe because it's more adept at invoking the true feeling of the season.  Winter is powerful--with the sharp wind, the biting cold, the blinding light reflecting off the snow...  But autumn is subtle.  Fading temperatures, transforming colors, a gentle slide from the sizzle of summer to the bitterness of winter.  It's a season of mellowness.  Mellow colors, flavors, aromas.

Despite being caught unawares, I'm looking forward to the anticipated changes that autumn ushers into the valley.  Baking pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, simmering spiced cider, listening for the crackle of pine logs in the fireplace.

I'm not wishing away the beautiful weather, but I'm ready for the change. 


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