Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pee-ers Revisited

For those of you who are just joining me... You have a lot of catching up to do! LOL Actually--not too much, but this post actually is a follow-up to previous posts...  Before we moved off the hill, we had an epidemic of post-midnight pee-ers.  There was the near-miss in the pantry.  The puddle at the foot of the bed in the next bedroom.  And the bull's eye shot into the dresser drawer full of clean clothes.

Most of those nighttime escapades were somewhat anonymous.  That is no longer the case.  One of The Buddies, who shall remain nameless, has renewed his passion for peeing in assorted places.  Earlier this week I heard someone wandering about--it was late, and I thought everyone was asleep...  In he walked, tugging on his underwear.  And before I realized what was happening, he was peeing in my bathtub!  I tried to redirect him to the toilet, but that just encouraged him to wing that thing around, and his wild aiming was no longer being contained by my basin!  So--I quickly reevaluated and encouraged him to finish his business and get back to bed.

Two nights later, I heard rustling again...  I got up to check, and saw a similar sight.  The Buddy was tugging at his tighty-whities (which happened to be blue) and proceeded to wave his business around his room.  Let's be clear...  We no longer live in the contemporary house with the concrete floors!  This was not good!  So, I helped him tuck it away and hustled him into the bathroom...  which has tile...  not carpet... 

The best part (is there a best part?) came the next morning.

Hey, Buddy, do remember what you did last night?
To which he vehemently denies any such occurrences.  He honestly remembers nothing!  Truly at a loss...  What to do...?


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