Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Camera Ready

The Eldest and I decided to take the camera for a spin to see what we could do with it. The results are mixed, but we did get some good shots. I think I'm getting the hang of this camera thing. Of course, I really should try to make it to one of the photography classes offered by Ritz. I got free classes with my camera purchase--bonus! And yes, reading the full manual would still be helpful.

The canyons in the neighborhood are filled with changing colors, so we used them as our background. My boy was a (mostly) willing model and we got some great photos. On the way back, we took photos of some wild flowers that were growing roadside. It's amazing how much beauty is around if you just look for it. I expect to have many more great scenery shots as the Fall colors continue to propagate across the hillside.

We couldn't agree on a photo of him to post. I'll post his pics as well as pics of the other kids later.


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