Sunday, September 14, 2008

An Intro to Crazy

I often hear the words "you must be a saint." No, I am sure that I'm not a saint, far from it. I am the mother of five-year-old triplets, a busy tween, and an active teen. I'm not sure if being a saint would help in my calling, but I can assure you that being a little crazy does! Chances are that if a person wasn't crazy upon commencement of this adventure, they certainly would be by the end.

The Eldest is a Senior this year and is looking forward to getting even more freedom next year. He wants to be independent and is rushing toward adulthood. I wish he would slow down and enjoy the ride a little.

The Princess is in the 7th grade and keeps incredibly busy. HRH is dancing at TDC where she is on Teen Company. We travel all across the country to conventions and competitions. The Princess works hard at school and at dance and excels at both.

The triplets (aka The Buddies) are the source of a lot of household chaos. Kindergarten is a blessing in my life right now, it gives me a couple of hours to try to repair some of the daily damage.

In true random order (don't ask who was born first, we don't tell anyone!):

Zeke (not his real name) is our helper. He is so good to help me or his brothers whenever he is asked. He loves to be the first one done so he can move on to the next thing.

Max (maybe his real name) is our dreamer. He is so smart and funny, but he certainly moves in his own world. He doesn't get flustered or bothered, but you're wasting your time if you try to hurry him along.

JJ (probably not his real name) is mischievous. If he can't find trouble, he'll recruit his buddies to help him find it. If it can be unplugged, turned on, dumped out, or smashed, JJ will find the way to do it.

The Mister and I never planned to have five children. Our life was a smooth ride until we decided to try for that third child. We joke that is was a requisitioning error: we asked for three kids, not three more! Oh well, it can't be undone, and we wouldn't change anything if we could. We are happy, healthy, and most certainly a little crazy--but it all works out in the end!


Olivia said...

So awesome! I love your first post and I love that you have a blog. Can't wait to read more and more!

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