Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day Trip

I've been chastised. I've been reprimanded. I've been made to feel like I have let you down... I will repent and blog from this day forward... :)

And lucky you (my lonely reader) I had quite an adventure today. My day started with the usual two trips to the bus stop. Once for the middle school bus, and again for the elementary school bus. Some days I wonder if I'd ever leave the house if I wasn't expected to make these daily walks... But today was not one of those days. Today I had an appointment. I had stuff to do. I had an agenda...

I left from the bus stop and drove directly to my mom's house (not even stopping for Pumpkin Bread at Kneaders!). Once there, we both climbed into her minivan and commenced our scheduled adventure.

We drove for hours to reach our destination, and along the way I was urged to hurry so we wouldn't be late. After several impatient comments about my speed (or in her opinion, lack of speed) I suggested that maybe she should drive. After all, she hadn't recently had a suspended license like someone had... Maybe she could better afford the ticket. Knowing that she is not particularly fond of driving, I knew that comment would stop the abuse. I was right.

Anyway, we arrived at our destination (only 6 minutes late and having negotiated two separate road construction sites). And I waited in the hall for my scheduled appointment. During my wait, I was lucky enough to run into a good friend (whom I hardly ever see anymore) and we had a fun chat. She asked what I was doing with all my free time now that The Buddies are in school full-time. My response was,

Well, apparently I drive to small, rural communities to get mammograms...

Oh, did I forget to mention that? Today's adventure was all about this:

And what exactly is this? Well, my friends, this is the Planmed Sophie Classic mammography machine... Exciting, isn't it? Yes, my breasts thought so too... They highly recommend it...


honeypiehorse said...

Wow. Mine looked different. Taller.

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