Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hike to Timp Caves

What happened to my tranquil morning?

The last thing I remember is the perfect luxury of a steamy shower.  I was enjoying the fact that I had been able to sleep in (at least a little) later than usual on a Saturday morning.  I was contemplating the many tempting options available for whiling away my weekend...  I'm sure I did nothing to prompt The Mister's suggestion for our Saturday activities.  I'm still trying to ascertain the inspiration for The Mister's Grand Plan for the day.  The unfortunate reality is that the Grand Plan crashed in upon my relaxing ritual without invitation.

The Mister revealed his desire to take The Buddies on a hike to the Timpanogos Caves.  Really?  Yes, really.  According to the weather man, this could possibly be the last weekend to enjoy our beautifully rugged mountains emblazoned with autumns colors.  And with the potential of a snow storm on the horizon, he didn't want us to miss this opportunity.

A quick call disclosed that American Fork Canyon and the caves were fee-free for the day.  That pretty much obliterated any real argument I had regarding nixing the idea...

So, off we went on our (all day long!) adventure where we were met by Forest Ranger McGrumpy at the bottom of the trail.  After being granted passage by the gate-keeper, we were on our way.  And these were the sights we saw...


These sights were overshadowed somewhat by this disconcerting warning.

Not that any of us are under the care of a physician...  But still, it did give me pause.  We were, after all, hiking with three six-year-old boys!

My reservations about this adventure were realized as we became human tow-ropes for the steep sections.  We were, however, able to find moments of pleasure along the way.  Moments like these:

All in all--a most enjoyable day!  Upon first hearing The Mister's Grand Plan, I flately declined to participate.  I'm so glad I changed my mind!  What a perfect way to spend a beautiful fall afternoon.


TravelByTurtle said...

Appreciated the pics, and even more so, the weather update. you likely saved me some miserable nights camping as I didn't know the snow would be flying so soon back home. Thx!

honeypiehorse said...

Wonderful! My husband always gets hiking ideas on beautiful days, too, which plays havoc with my beauty sleep.

Lisa said...

Great post & pictures. We used to hike all the time with our children. Our one boy (I am bowing down to you with 3) used to run ahead and back hiking three times as far as the us and the girls. Thanks for sharing.

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