Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm Cooler than My Kids

For the past few weeks I've had my eye on a new cell phone.  Lucky for me (or unluckily, however you look at it), my current phone started to freak out just as my dream phone was coming to market.  That gave me ample excuse to go out and buy it.  Of course, it isn't ever really as simple as that.  I am, after all, a supreme addict to research.  I rechecked Consumer Reports, CNET, PC Mag, and every other reference I could find.  And after confirming (once again) that this was really the phone I wanted, I started my search in earnest.  
Along with being a dedicated researcher, I am also a bargain shopper...  I watched for a phone being offered at an acceptable price through ebay and the classifieds.  And when the right one came along, I snapped it up!

And now, for the first time since my two oldest children entered their teens, I am cool.  I have the coveted phone.  The phone they both desire.  That makes me the Rock Star...  And I'm gonna enjoy it for the 30 seconds that it lasts!  Oops, time's up!  Oh well...


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