Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Morning

Sometimes I'm lucky enough to have a quiet morning at home.  A morning when The Mister isn't rushing out to catch a plane...  The Buddies aren't about to miss the bus...  HRH doesn't have dance class...  And The Boy has no plans more pressing than playing DS in his pajamas.  They don't come along often, but those are the great mornings.

Today was a great morning.  Lola woke me with her gentle snuggling (please don't comment on the fact that she sleeps in my room).  I didn't wake to find the sun blinding me at an unreasonable hour.  The wind wasn't howling.  The kids weren't arguing.  The Mister wasn't vacuuming his boat (really, should he be doing that at 5 am?  Because, you know, he does...  sometimes...).  It was a genuinely quiet and peaceful morning.

I rolled out of bed to take Lola out.  The birds were chirping.  The sun was cresting the snow-topped mountains as it peeked around the edges of a fluffy, white cloud.  The rays of the sun were skimming across the peaks of the hill-top ridges.  The air was still, cool, and welcome.

I peeled some peaches for a cobbler--is that an appropriate breakfast item?  It smelled great as it baked.  Peaches, vanilla, a touch of cinnamon...  Yep, it was a great morning.  Wish you were here...


TravelByTurtle said...

I too wish I was there but perhaps not so coincidentally EVERY SINGLE TIME I read of tasty comestibles to be shared, I find out while in Florida, or WA, or San Diego.
Let me send you a schedule in order to avoid this problem in the future.....

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