Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

After a fun day out on the lake with my family, I'm enjoying a relaxing evening at home.  The kids are freshly scrubbed and in their jammies.  The friends have all gone home.  I'm sunburned in a warm glowy kind-of-way, as opposed to the miserably fried kind-of-way...  And as I just said to The Mister, I love holidays that fall on a Monday.  We got to enjoy all the fun and togetherness of a Saturday, but tomorrow we don't have to rush off to church meetings and obligations...  It's a bit of a perfect scenario.

Memorial Day has always been meaningful for my family.  While we spent today on the lake, I remember many a Memorial Day spent driving from one cemetery to another to clean the family headstones and place mums or other florals upon the graves.  In the past few years there have been several additions to the graves that we visit...  Not only have some of our loved ones passed away, but through genealogy, we have identified other lost family members.  I joke that I don't want to take over the "older" generation's commitment to the cemetery pilgrimage...  But the truth is, I'm glad they do it, and I hope that somehow it will continue to get done.

And for those who have served, and who continue to serve our country, Thank You.  You, too are remembered today.  And I'm certainly grateful for all you have done to serve me, my family, and our glorious country.


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