Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm moving on.

I've attempted everything in my power--I've even attempted some things that turned out to be outside of my power...  But I still cannot recover any more of my photos.  It looks like I've lost everything since sometime before Christmas.  That means no Christmas, New Years, or The Buddies' Birthday.  No Nutcracker,  no Hansel, no Gretel, no forest friends...  No Easter, nor birthday for The Boy.  Sadly, those photos are no longer with us.

Can we have a moments of silence, please?

Ok--now I'll move on.

But tell me, how does everyone else back up their data?  Carbonite claims to have found additions photos (they claim 999) that were corrupt and unrecoverable.  What's the use of that?  Is there a better way to safely save duplications of the photos I take?  We have an external hard drive, but those don't always seem reliable either.  Suggestions?


TravelByTurtle said...

I use mozy. (after I interviewed with them I figured I'd better)
I just use their free service, not perhaps as much space as you'll need, but it backs up my desktop every day. I used it to restore after my last laptop expired and it worked fine. Friend of mine is also a pm for them if I ever get really stuck. Don't know how it works with mac, but for me it's been great.

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