Sunday, May 9, 2010

Still Waiting...

I've had my fingers crossed for nearly a week now...  I sincerely hope that the pretzelification of my hands is reversible.  I guess we'll know once I get a peek at the restored files on iMac.  If the restore wasn't successful, it will be devastating.

We are at 91.1% restored and (so far) not a hint of any digital images has reappeared.  I have to admit that I'm getting a little nervous!  But The Mister keeps insisting that they were the last to reappear last time, too. How unfortunate is it that we even had a last time to compare it with!  I've got to do some serious thinking about why we've had such bad luck with the iMac.  Apple likes to continue to insist that it's just my bad luck.  Ironic, since I've always considered myself to be lucky.  I have to believe that there is an inherent problem with the design somewhere...

School is coming to an end for the year, and HRH has been a little frustrated with the unavailability of iMac.  It's hard to do your homework without reliable technology.  I feel her pain...  I'm frustrated by not being able to upload and edit photos, download my BodyBugg data, or keep on top of the blog...  I'm sure you're all frustrated by my lack of consistent blogging--don't despair, it will get better. (lol)

For the past week, we've been placing bets on how long the restore will take.  The Mister's guess expired yesterday at 1pm.  My prediction is for later today...  Maybe early evening...  Although my initial guess was the first one to lapse, so what do I know?

Wish us luck!  I hope Monday brings happy news, along with the rain!


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