Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Very Good Day.

Some days it seems like the whole world is spinning in the wrong direction.  Work isn't going well, the house is a wreck, the kids are bickering more than usual, it's too hot, too cold, not enough, or too much.

But then there are those other days.  The ones that seem almost magical in the way things fall into place.  Yesterday was one of those days, one of the magical days.  From first thing in the morning until falling into bed, it seems like everything went exactly my way.

I know, it was a fluke, and I'm a lucky, lucky girl to have had such a day.  But I have to wonder, how would it be to have a whole life that proceeded at such a smooth and extraordinarily non-ordinary manner?  Would it be heaven?  Or would I just dismiss the magical quality and see it as life as usual?

Maybe that's the magic of magic.  Maybe the thing that makes it so special is that it's infrequent and unexpected.  Maybe it wouldn't really be anything to anticipate if it was a lifetime.  I think I'll just be grateful for yesterday, and I'll smile through today as I think about yesterday's unanticipated enchantment.


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