Thursday, April 30, 2009

Can I borrow a suitcase?

It would appear that I have suitcases enough for a year-long trek around the world... We have an entire closet dedicated to the packable, and travel-ready. And yet, why is it that I'm always in need of another piece of luggage? I thought I had the perfect carry on bag. Turns out, it's not so perfect after all. You see, it's too big to shove under the seat, and if you have to stow it in the overhead bin, you may as well just send it to the belly of the plane... It's just about as hard to get to it...

Besides a better carry on bag, I need BIG pieces of luggage that don't weigh triple digit numbers when filled. Because, I'm not sure if you've heard, but they charge a lot for those heavy bags! And even more embarrassing, they tag them with a bright, orange sticker announcing their HEAVYness. Somehow seeing that HEAVY sticker on my baggage feels like a proclamation... I feel a need to protest:

It's not about my size--it's about the bag!

See, here's the problem. I have these ancient suitcases made of rigid, green plastic (I know, they already sound incredibly attractive, don't they?)... If I so much as pack a toothbrush and a t-shirt, I'm bound to go over the weight restriction. Don't believe me? I dare you, just ask how I know! And then just trust me when I tell you how un-cool it is to unpack and repack your undies in the check-in line... yeah... awesome...

So, I found these super-cool new Zuca bags. I'd love to order them--except for the price. OK, that and the fact that they'd never get here in time for my trip. But they're awesome! You can totally customize them for the cuteness (always important). But they are customizable for function, too! And the best part (IMHO) is that I've never seen anyone else schlepping them--which means they will be easy to identify! Yay! No more searching the tags of innumerable (and very similarly generic) black bags in a futile effort to identify my stuff. I sooo want this bag!


Olivia said...

I have a couple of cute new bags you can look at and see if you would like to borrow. They are Wenger and look like sorta like this, except they are a happy bright orange color that's really easy to spot.

honeypiehorse said...

Yes the right suitcase is important, even if you have your husband along to carry the bags.

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